AUGUST 27TH, 2020 Development Update

Best luck that I have had is running on admin mode. That fixed it for a day or two.

:scream:Oh come one I’m French!!! What are you saying look how fast I am, it takes only 4 days to response to your message so that the weather issue should be fixed in 2023, be patient please!!! :crazy_face: :grin:

Seriously the engine weather “selling point” should be fixed in priority as it is for installation issues.
On my side I’m pretty “lucky” not a single CTD since Aug 18th (flying every day) stable and so smooth in anyways so far (I had stutters during one day because I changed my settings to 4K which wasn’t necessary at all), so it will be easy to say that I’m happy? Well to get to that very comfortable feeling I need turbulence in CB/TS, I need to make my VFR flights also based on the weather conditions, I don’t want to fly through a thunderstorm with my Cub without any dowdraft/updraft even microbust because based on advertisings this is what I was expecting legitimately for the sake of the Sacrosanct REALISM! e

Indeed, it’s very beautiful, gorgeous no doubt, very smooth/fps (on my side with “only” a I6700, GTX 1080 !!!), anyway they still need to work on physics/dynamics as well for the good of the flight models… not that bad with the DR400 by the way (I flew that bird during my pilot lessons)
There’s a lack of turbulence in certain conditions as well otherwise I do appredciate CAT and the turb around and above the reliefs … Well, the weather is the corner stone as said to simulate life in aviation… it’s crucial as we all know!

However for some X reason the METAR/TAF and winds aloft match much more better with MFS2020 in Europe (it’s good to live in France lol!) since 3 days in a row without any incoherence despite that is was wrong the last past days? … I never had the 3kts except once in USA, the next day at KCNM it was working… ? I don’t know why it works now, like today as well in England but again for some mysterious reason because without any patch that had landed yet but now it works with more accuracy at my place, in France and in England… yesterday the forecast pusblished 272/39kt at FL230, in MFS2020 it was indicated in my PFD: 280/38kt… wowwww I was surprised that it was working this way but again I didn’t encounter any single turb at high altitude so far after 4 flights at this flight level with the TBM! ?

As a matter of fact they really should take a deep look in their weather engine, no doubt! and very quickly! it’s disappointing that we don’t hear any thing official about this major issue? I don’t get it.

Happy Flyings! :airplane: :elephant: :rainbow: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Errr , did none of the beta testers experience any of the issues on this forum , they must have surely .


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We are restricted by NDA.


You can read about our NDA here: NDA Reminder for Alpha/Beta Testers

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No changes at all, after the first install everything worked great. Then just out of the blue this started happening. I worked with the Zen desk, and running as an admin worked for 2 days, and then right back to where I started. I have done two full uninstalls and reinstall. nothing. it’s really frustrating.

: What version will be available with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)?
A: The standard edition of “Microsoft Flight Simulator” will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)

It clearly states Beta!!

In that context the Beta referees to Xbox Game Pass for PC, not Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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That is what happened with Microsoft Flight and turned off a lot of people. The few planes they did release at first performed pretty well except being limited. This time we have the variety yet all have bugs. Not sure if they will fix one plane at a time or roll out global issues or leave them and make us pay for new and more stable airframes via DLC.

I have solved the issue. I realized that I had to update an Xbox Game Center app within the Microsoft Store once completed it loaded. Definitely worth a check if you haven’t done so already.

which issue did you fix, with this update??

Getting passed the TBM loading screen. Wasn’t able to get into the sim for the past week or so.

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sometimes ATC is not giving options for taxing.

today I faced a weird problem. I requested for taxiing for parking. ground told me to go general aviation parking. Then I don’t have options to acknowledge the last transmission. They keep on asking for acknowledgment and finally terminated ATC services. I have only one option to repeat the last transmission.

That is subtle!

If you are using a free copy provided by MS, I could understand you still being bound by an Alpha or Beta NDA, but what about those Alpha and Beta testers that went out and bought their own retail version anyway? Are they still bound by the NDA? Just curious.

We can talk about the release version all we want. Just not the alphas/betas.

Ok, thanks. I guess they don’t want us to know how many issues that were identified early on made it into the release version anyway, through no fault of the Alpha and Beta testers.


Just to clarify alpha and beta testers, including those who voluntary left the program are bound by the following guidelines. We cannot discuss anything from pre-release builds, this includes pictures, videos, information, or comparisons between release and pre-release builds.


Any news about when the patch will be released?

Is it just me or does this thread sometimes sound like whack-a-mole? And if you agree, what’s the mole?