Aussie Group Flights Team – Focus on NSW – Alpine Country

Thunderbirds are go!

I’ve contacted the sys-admin to setup the voice channel and post the event into events-txt

I flew the route earlier and Paul has done his usual excellent job of making a great route for us and providing all the maps etc.

For those of you with Logitech/Saitek panels be aware they have just released drivers for your panels for MSFS. Dead simple to install and they worked first pop for me.

Here is the link:

This is also “way kewl” as my good mate Bill Gates would say:

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We are in events: AUS Bush Trip for voice on Discord

Nice flight guys… will look into how we can get a secure voice channel before the next flight

thanks - enjoyed that route!


Awesome flight, thanks to both Paul’s for organising. Great to see so many younger guys participating, the public servers are great for finding new players but have the risk that the idiots will also show up.
Having the ability to kick them will make a huge difference

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