Aussie Group Flights Team: G1000 Workshop - Session 1 of 3

Welcome to our next workshop series. This one looks at using the G1000 Navigation equipment in many of our aircraft in the sim.

As we have a number of pilots across the world flying in our events, I have repeated the workshop sessions across two time slots, i.e., 2000z and 1000z.

This will be the only promotion for the workshop as once registrations are closed, the event will be conducted in a private channel so others don’t drop in mid way and cause disruption to the flow of the material covered.

Registrations will close on Friday 14th.

If you want to be included in one of the two time slots, register now in the Discord Server - Under Event Flights/Event Registration. All details for the Workshop are located in the G1000 Workshop channel under Learning Centre.

Click HERE
to join the Discord Server and register.

Do you know the answer to these 10 questions?

  1. How to identify how a typical SIX PACK of analogue instruments is represented on the G1000?
  2. How to best set up a G1000 PFD and MFD for a typical flight?
  3. How to use Direct To to go to a point in a flight plan or to a Nearest Airport/VOR/NDB?
  4. How to enter a flight plan into the G1000 using SIDs, STARs, Airways and Directs?
  5. How to setup, fly and exit a Hold?
  6. What is Suspension Mode and how to you handle it?
  7. Can you use Pitch, VS and FLC for vertical navigation?
  8. Can you use VNAV to descent at TOD and APP to fly and approach?
  9. Can you automate an approach for a non-precision approach airport?
  10. Can you fly a missed approach on the G1000?

If you feel you would like to “Fill in missing areas of knowledge” why not register for the G1000 workshop beginning this Saturday 2000z and Sunday 1000z.

Once in Discord, check the Event Channel to confirm the time for your timezone. To register for the event, go to the ⁠event-registration Channel. Remember to mention which timeslot suits you. You can also check out the Workshop goals and pre-requisite videos to watch in the g1000-workshop Channel.

Registrations are now closed.