Aussie Group Flights Team - Scotland and Ireland

Welcome to the next adventure in MSFS. With the release of World Update 3 - UK, we take a flight through Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. We start our flight at Lossiemouth EGQS and finish at Dublin EIDW. Throughout the event, we take in many Lochs including famous Loch Ness (keep your eyes pealed for the MONSTER). We experience the mountainous regions and low lands of Scotland and get to call in on a number of airports. We fly over cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. Then we move onto Ireland and enter Northern Ireland to visit a few airports before heading south into Ireland to our destination.

As we are covering a fair bit of ground, i.e., 9 Touch and Go and 2 Full Stop landings, plan for around three hours for the event.

Everyone is most welcome. Details to follow. Hope you can join us.

Regards, Paul

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ATTENTION Aussie Flight Group Participants …

Group Flight:2021-02-19T09:00:00Z

Route: EGQS (Lossiemouth) – EGPE (Inverness) – UP1 (Inverness) – Loch Ness – Loch Lochy – Lock Linnke - Lock Creran - EGEO (North Connel) - Lock Tay - UP2 (Userpoint 2) - UP3 (Userpoint 3) - Perth - Loch Leven - EGPH (Edinburgh) - EGPF (Glasgow) - EGPK (Prestwick) - EGUZ (Castle Kennedy) - EGAC (Belfast) - EGAL (Crumlin) - EGKD (Derryoque) - Dundalk - EILA (Laytown) - EIDW (Dublin).

Take off from Lossiemouth (EGQS)
Track 252 deg to Inverness Airport (EGPE) 25nm
Touch and Go at  Inverness Airport (EGPE)
Track 243 deg to UP1 (Inverness) 7.1nm
Track 218 deg to Loch Ness 7.3nm
Track 220 deg to Loch Lochy 27nm
Track 222 deg to Loch Linnke 24nm
Track 192 deg to Loch Creran 9.1nm
Track 215 deg to North Connel (EGEO) 5.4nm
Touch and Go at  North Connel (EGEO)
Track 093 deg to Loch Tay 37nm
Track 068 deg to Userpoint 2 (UP2) 4.9nm
Track 036 deg to Userpoint 3(UP3) 3.9nm
Track 119 deg to Perth 24nm
Track 176 deg to Loch Leven 11.1nm
Track 181 deg to Edinburgh (EGPH) 15.8nm
Full Stop landing at Edinburgh (EGPH)
Take off from Edinburgh (EGPH)
Track 268 deg to Glasgow (EGPF) 36nm
Touch and Go at Glasgow (EGPF)
Track 197 deg to Prestwick (EGPK) 23nm
Touch and Go at Prestwick (EGPK)
Track 203 deg to Castle Kennedy (EGUZ) 38nm
Touch and Go at Castle Kennedy (EGUZ)
Track 248 deg to Belfast (EGAC) 37nm
Touch and Go at Belfast (EGAC)
Track 276 deg to Crumlin (EGAL) 14.9nm
Touch and Go at Crumlin (EGAL)
Track 196 deg to Derryoque (EGKD) 35nm
Touch and Go at Derryoque (EGKD)
Track 263 deg to Dundalk 13.4nm
Track 171 deg to Laytown (EILA) 19.4nm
Touch and Go at Laytown (EILA)
Track 183 deg to Dublin (EIDW) 16nm
Full Stop landing at Dublin (EIDW)

Altitude: The route can be flown at 3,500’ and above to be clear of terrain.

Airport details:

Lossiemouth (EGQS)
Elev: 30’
RW 05/23
RW 10/28

Inverness (EGPE)
Elev: 27’
RW 05/23
RW 11/29

North Connel (EGEO)
Elev: 23’
RW 01/19

Edinburgh (EGPH)
Elev: 105’
RW 06/24
RW 12/30

Glasgow (EGPF)
Elev: 23’
RW 05/23
RW 09/27

Prestwick (EGPK)
Elev: 53’
RW 12/30
RW 03/21

Castle Kennedy (EGUZ)
Elev: 82’
RW 08/26

Belfast (EGAC)
Elev: 13’
RW 04/22

Crumlin (EGAL)
Elev: 91’
RW 02/20
RW 07/25

Derryoque (EGKD)
Elev: 64’
RW 01/19
RW 15/33

Laytown (EILA)
Elev: 67’
RW 08/26

Dublin (EIDW)
Elev: 216’
RW 10R/28L
RW 16/34

Aircraft: Suggest a twin, such as the Baron 58 or DA62 for the event.

IMPORTANT: In the interest of keeping it REAL, please refrain from selecting inappropriate aircraft, like airliners. This only detracts from the immersion of the flight.

Seeing Aircraft Correctly: You need to do two things to ensure you can see the other pilots in the event and see them in the aircraft they selected.

Select the same server: To do this, proceed as follows:

From the Welcome Screen, click on your Username (top right)
From the list of servers, under Servers, select WEST USA

Turn off Generic Planes: To do this, proceed as follows:

From the Welcome Screen, click on OPTIONS
Click on GENERAL
With TRAFFIC selected, scroll down to the last option and set USE GENERIC PLANE MODELS to OFF

Turning off Crash/Damage:

Select Options/General/Flight Model
Select Legacy Model, so you can adjust the settings below
Move Crash Realism to 0
Select Modern Model, to reselect the appropriate flight model
Accept the settings


Select Options/Assistance
Expand Failure & Damage
Disable Crash Damage
Accept the changes

Voice Room: Discord for Official MSFS Community: Event #1 or Event #2 are the voice rooms available to us. I need to see which is available on the day and reserve it. I will be in the room and get it authorised for our use. Just look for my Userid: VHFIB to determine which room to enter. Until the room is open only one person can be in the room. In the past we have needed to use a PTT (push to talk) button. This is no longer required, so you can use voice activated comms. Some people prefer to use their phone or ipad etc for Discord comms.

Note: if you are new to the Discord Server for MSFS, you will need to “react” to get access to the voice rooms.

To “react”, once in the Discord for Official MSFS, click on the Important - Info option and at the very bottom, click on the button (last item at the bottom of the screen) to react and provide access. Note: clicking on the button accepts the conditions etc., which you can read via the available links.

Weather/Time: We will set the time to 8am. This will allow us to fly in daylight and choose CLEAR Weather, so can enjoy the scenery:

From the World Map view, click on Flight Conditions (upper right of screen)
Click on All Players, Live Traffic, Custom
Under Weather and Time, select Clear Weather and move the time slide bar to show 8:00am (for 9:00z start) or say 7:45am if you arrive 15mins early.
Click Close and Fly from the World Map view.

We can start departing from 9:00z. There will be no need for official radio calls. Lets just have some fun taking in the scenery and the social aspects of the event.

Turning on Name Tags (This will assist you in following the group if you get disoriented):

Select Options/GeneralTraffic
Set Show Traffic Nameplates to On
Accept the settings

Let me know if there’s anything else that I’ve missed that you need to know.,

Regards, Paul

Flight plans for the event:

Little NavMap: IFR Lossiemouth AB (EGQS) to Dublin Intl (EIDW).lnmpln (4.8 KB)
MSFS: IFR Lossiemouth AB (EGQS) to Dublin Intl (EIDW).pln (6.4 KB)

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Hi Paul, I am a ling time fltsimer but not a great pilot. i have a mate and hope we can both join you on Friday… do we get invited to join multi players ? or do we all fly as individuals?

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Just join in. See all details in the forum post.

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.what do I use to open the flight plan please?

If you use Little Nav Map, download the lnmpln file and open it with Little Nav Map. Some people like to use Little Nav Map as a navigational tool.

To use the MSFS flight plan, simple download the pln file (above) and store it somewhere convenient on your computer, e.g., Desktop, etc. Then load a flight plan from the World view using the space bar and navigate to your flight plan that you downloaded.

Thank you very much. see you Friday.

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Hello Paul,
Thank you for hosting such fun flight events every week!
I sometimes join these events without your approval, and follow you all silently…
It’s very nice for me that this flight starts at reasonable time for me, living in Japan.
I don’t need to get up in the midnight. Sim pilot also needs 8 hours sleeping!
Let me join your flight, although I already did…

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Hi and welcome to our flight events. You don’t need my approval to join. EVERYBODY is very welcome.

Look forward to seeing you in our virtual skies.

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REMINDER: This event starts soon: Fri 19/2 9:00z. Look forward to seeing you in chilly Scotland.

I’m trialing something to assist pilots during the event. Download the following two images and print them out for the event.

Please let me know if they were of assistance. If so, I will include them in future events.

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Have no idea how to join and verify. a bit more info on how would be nice

This link is only valid for 7 days, please use it to add the Official MS Discord to your Discord links.

Great flight tonight…except for my CTD coming into Dublin. Thanks for organising this!

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Thank you for holding today’s flight. I could really enjoy the time.
It is little bit hard for me to talk with you in English @Discord, so was just hearing your chatting, it’s enough fun. Thank you. See you next time.

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It was a fun first group flight for me today!! (except for that cursing person) Thanks, I will probably join next time too! Here are some screenshots I took (also posted them in the MSFS Discord)

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Thanks Paul for another fun and educational (from the conversation on the flight I turned off the rolling cache and gained 2-3 fps with the 3070 card without an impact on the sims.