Australian flight simmers, where are you?

I’m looking to speak with some Australian flight simmers to get a better understanding of which parts of the country are the most picturesque areas to fly in.

I’m creating some content for the coming world update and I’d love to get your input!

You can reply to me here or on Discord (8bitgamerdad#8046).

Thank you!


YSHL- Shellharbour Airport, NSW Illawarra area…where the Historical Aviation Restoration Society (HARS, home of the only flying Constellation in the world) …is located…web page …also the surrounding areas…eg the new Marina at Shell Cove…just opened 1 month or so ago…the escarpment…etc etc.
Fantastic area to fly in and around IRL…Orbx had a rendition for P3D…which was very good…but using the new tools for MSFS, hopefully someone will put some love into it.


Fellow Aussie here.

Tasmania is great if you want a scaled down version of New Zealand, it also has parts which easily resemble the rolling hills of the UK and Europe. Strathgordon, around Queenstown and the trip between Hobart and Launceston VFR Direct.

Whitsunday Islands for an easy comparison to the Caribbean or any other tropical island mass for that matter.

Kosciuszko National Park for our biggest mountainous stuff.

There’s literally millions of hectares of flat nothingness in greater parts of Western Australia
and of course around Ayres Rock.

I live in Hervey Bay, across from Fraser Island, it’s ok I guess.

Was there anything specific you had in mind? Surely you have a direction in mind?

  1. Some of the biggest and best outback towns and sheep/cattle stations would be great.

  2. YTYA Tyabb - picturesque area, famous for its warbirds and bi-annual airshow (sorry, my home airport).

  3. Some great ideas here:
    Browse available air tours | Australian Air Safaris, by Kirkhope

  4. Flinders Is. is striking.

  5. More here:

  6. And here:

  7. Great Barrier Reef and associated islands.

  8. More here:

  9. And here:
    Frontier Flying: Exploring the Australian Outback by Air - FLYING Magazine

Let me know if you need more! Fantastic initiative BTW. Cheers.


Thank you for all of this! This is so great. I’ve been trying to locate info about flying in Australia but kept coming up short. I didn’t think to consider air tour companies.

Will definitely know if I need more! This is a great starting point.


Hi @eightbitdad2794
I am happy to help, please get in touch with particular questions. I have a lot of real life contacts I can put you in touch with.
What are the particular types of locations are you after?

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Thanks @Deggers7764. I think you have addressed your post to me (Frank) rather than the OP @eightbitdad2794, but he will no doubt see your offer of help here. Cheers.

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@Deggers7764 Thank you so much! Sorry for taking so long to respond, life has been kinda crazy lately.

I’m looking for as much info as possible on some of the most picturesque / well-known spots in Australia to fly to. I checked out your other post at AUSTRALIA: The best place to fly… and it was super helpful.

Any other info you can provide would be amazing. I’m looking to build some bush trips for the coming update of MSFS featuring Australia.

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I belong to this Aussie Discord server: AussieSim - Everything Simulation

There are voice channels for MSFS group flights.