AUTO DLSS - How does it work?

Tried to ask before, but noone seem to know this. So Im trying again. Does it change in a flight? How does it calculate whats needed in the settings? Does it check the hardwae or the fps, and does it take care ofr vsync ingame setings, 50% 33% etc?

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unlikely that it changes dynamically, normally the Auto setting for DLSS will determine the down-sampled render resolution depending on the native resolution and possibly GPU capabilitites

It wont affect the Vsync setting.

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I see. So…well, it takes the “best of the possiblities” ? Or…? Is it better to use something else? 1440P (2K) in my case.

Ok, Im quite close even without. But on ground there is a lot of stutter going on with TAA. Maybe I should stick to Quality, if its not dynamic like I though…

That’s also something I want to test (DLSS auto, displaying the Dev Debug menu), but never think about it when launching the sim…

It just changes what quality to use based on your fixed resolution. It’s not dynamic or anything, at least not according to Nvidia.

DLSS Auto Mode enables optimal image quality for a particular resolution. For resolutions at or under 1440P, DLSS Auto is set to Quality , 4K set to Performance , and 8K set to Ultra Performance.

NVIDIA DLSS SDK Now Available for All Developers with Linux Support, Unreal Engine 5 Plugin and New Customizable Options | NVIDIA Technical Blog.

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Yep, I was wrong. I was just making an assumption. Pretty weird of nvidia to do it like that.

Mmmm, weird. I don’t believe all devs follow those Nvidia rules. As explained, I always use other apps to benchmark new Nvidia drivers, Windows options, etc. I often use Cyberpunk 2077 with its included benchmark, as result are constant on my machine. It also have the DLSS Auto choice.
With Cyberpunk I tried to understand what Auto do and find it set DLSS to Balanced, and I test at 1440p only. So according your post it should be set on Quality. It was easy to find as the resulting FPS was equals.

In other words (as I’m not clear), in Cyberpunk at 1440p:
DLSS forced to Balanced give me 73 fps
DLSS set to Auto give me also 73 fps
DLSS set to Quality give me 54 fps.

So Auto at 1440p = Balanced (and not Quality).

Not sure how it work in MSFS, I need to test.

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Nvidia optimisations seem always to be geared to fps whereas quality is doubly important for MSFS.

With my hardware and a 32" HDTV, for DLSS I prefer to use custom desktop sizes either 1620p (quality) or 4k (performance), both get downscaled to my monitor’s native 1080p. With these I can comfortably use ultra settings and high LODs and could even before upgrading from a 3800X

R75800X, rtx3060

Ok. So quality. No dynamic changes during Play? Not Performance on ground an Quality in air…?

No … as far as I can see it’s just Nvidia selecting a preset that gives the highest fps without unbalancing your system. With a 3800X I had everything ultra, lod 350 averaging 45+ fps with DLSS quality and auto still changed it to performance mode with more frames but quite a big loss in quality (you can tell which mode by the resolution it downscales to).

Edit: Having upgraded my cpu to a 5800X Auto still sets performance mode no matter what resolution I start with. And quite frankly I don’t need 80fps on my 60Hz monitor.

144Hz Gsync Compatible LG monitor here. The worst issues I have - over all with DLSS - is the weird shimmering going in on over water and buildings with textures. It looks really bad, and takes away the feeling when flying.