'Auto-exposure' effect when using the cockpit camera needs to go

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

People need to realise that in order to get those kind of cockpit pictures in RL, they need to use a flash to brighten up the cockpit. If anything, pilots are making it worse by wearing sunglasses. lol! :smiley:

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A slider or making it optional would be fine.

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Yes, this is another choice which they have made for us,which really should be a selectable option. A simple on/off in the “options” menu would be sufficient, and satisfy all.

They are gradually giving us choices which should have been there in the original release, LOD slider for example, but there are far more. I really hate it when a seller thinks they know better than the customer, like a YouTube video where a waiter refused to serve white wine with a steak.

Asobo, please, let us make our own choices - not everyone wants the same, so any choice you make will be wrong for many. Give us credit for knowing what each of us as an individual wants.


It’s one of those things that Asobo need to use a bit of ‘Gaming Design License’ to accept that what’s Real may not work well in Simulation, the same way Racing Devs allow the use of Virtual Mirrors as racers on monitors don’t have the peripheral vision like in real life.


I like this effect and prefer it to stay, the game would look way too flat without it.


AHA! Thank you. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

Did Asobo factor in that most pilots wear sunglasses?

I feel like it is less prominent in HDR

To the “ITs AwESoMe I lOvE iT” crowd. Great that you like it, the option to turn it off should be there for those who dont.

Far too many posts on this forum are “works for me”, “I think its great” when anybody expresses a preference or a view.

To the topic author - bravo for brining this up. The hope is visibility via threads like yours will get some action from the devs.


I won’t argue whether the cabin lighting is realistic or not, a lot has already been said.
But the way that Asobo has implemented the effect is the way video cameras work, not the human eye. And the difference is huge.
To please everyone, a control that allows modifying the quantity of the effect would be welcome.


Yes but there’s also “I don’t like this thing they should get rid of it” rather than giving people the choice.


Agreed - If there is a “feature” such as the one described here its very much subjective and down to user experience/preference. A simple toggle on such things would allow everyone to be satisfied with their own experiences.


I can understand it’s attractive for the sake of realism, but if that’s the primary argument then we’re starting down a heck of a winding road concerning flight physiology and vision. When do we get spare checklists to stuff up on the side windows to block annoying glare that’s totally hiding glass displays? Why is there not a depth of field effect when I’m looking below the glare shield? Which update gets us a realistic dazzling effect or persistence of vision when we look at someone’s landing lights? The list could go on. Stuff like that might be “cool” and uber realistic, but a lot of things in the real world are also annoying, or at least handled much too easily to have any real value in being forced to experience at my computer desk.

Back in sim-world, usually I prefer to have my view parked low enough just where it seems to start washing out the outside view, especially on approach. It isn’t as if the sim is controlling the effect based on where my actual eyeballs are focused on the monitor, it’s tied to camera position, and obviously I’m not flicking my view up and down enough to experience any sort of realistic eye adjusting effect. Granted, I’m not using VR or TrackIR. Even if I was, nodding up and down continuously sounds like a good way to get a neck injury.

The effect is neat and adds some needed contrast to “inside” and “outside” and I do think that has a place, but it definitely seems a bit much right now. If it was half as strong, I think that’d be fine, but that’s just my two cents!


This sums it up, really, and deserves repeating:

In a perfect world, we’d have a 3-position slider in Graphics Options: Off-Medium-Full.


I’m 100% with Grinde81 on this and completely disagree with any notion of the sim being akin to a digital camera. Do you have Bloom on? Disabling it will even the brightness out a bit.

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I mean it would be a shame if there’s a “realism” slider (e.g. eye adaption, random failures, collision by other players or AI, etc.) and most of the simmers just turn it down or completely off.

I made a quick video to show the issue in VR. I don’t know if this is the same in 2D because you don’t pan your head forward/backward like this, but in VR this is quite horrible as you tend to move your head around a lot more.

I can barely see the clouds as they’re completely white but If I pan my head forward, they slowly become visible. Same issue on the ground and surrounding but this is more obvious on clouds:

I’ll log a bug asap because it needs to be fixed.


That’s a great example and needs to be rectified. How they haven’t seen this from day one and done nothing about it is beyond me.


Why? It is their game to play as they wish.

OK then…if everyone should have absolute realism, I propose that Asobo, in the next update, make your computer explode whenever you crash your plane, killing you in the process.

Be a shame if everyone turned that off, wouldn’t it?