Auto fly / demo mode cannot be disabled?

Hi All, I feel like I am doing something ridiculously silly, but for some reason I’ve gotten into some sort AI mode in which wherever I fly, in whatever aircraft, it fires up the engine and takes off on its own. It will follow the taxiways, more or less, and adjusts the throttle, radio, and flight controls with some intelligence. I can’t turn it off and all of my control inputs are ignored. I’ve checked the controls and they all register just fine in the controls menu.

I tried restarting everything and there is no change. The one thing I have changed since it worked last was installing the Savage Carbon mod seen here.

Have you encountered this before?

That is very odd…but one thing is for sure, a mod cannot do this. It’s something in your sim settings. No idea what though! Is your AI on?

I think so too. And just to be clear, I am in no way suggesting that your mod was the cause. In fact it’s the reason I fired up the sim in the first place! Was super excited to try it out but instead only got to see someone else fly my plane :joy:

Have you checked the AI Control toggle? If it is already off, toggle it off-on-off. Sometimes these toggles don’t register.

Also, if you last used AI Control, it will always start with it on.

Have you double checked to make sure the AI copilot hasn’t been activated?

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Seems like we’re all thinking “AI” here :wink: If you don’t know where to look, in flight, move your mouse to the top to activate your toolbar menu (or whatever it is called). Click on the pilot icon. A small menu will popup…untick “AI” … it is likely on.


Well that was about as dumb as I thought it was going to be! You’re all right - the AI Flight Control was set to “on” (as were the other AIs). I didn’t even know those were there. Thank you!


Just glad the mystery is solved and you’re back in the air :airplane:

Kick the AI bum to the curb and show it how a Real pilot flies!! Glad it’s going well now!

Hahah! The sad reality is that the AI is better at most things than I am. Except (possibly) its ability to keep the aircraft on a taxiway.

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