Auto gen scenery is overlapping with my custom scenery

Hey everyone,

This is my first time making a custom airport, and I wanted to do so to fly to my favorite little island in the Chesapeake Bay. KTGI

I’ve watched so many tutorials and am now kinda stumbled with this one.

The auto gen scenery (i believe) is generating along with the custom scenery i made. I’ve done the polygon tool to exclude all the items, and have even have used the exclusion rectangle and ran multiple exclusionrectangles up the runway. on the apron it doesn’t look that bad but does anyone have any other ideas on how to get rid of the autogen runway, (if that is even whats wrong)

thanks for any help, advice, tips anyone can give.

also did the custom aerial image, literally took me an entire day to figure it out lol

You must add and Aiport object if you haven’t already done It yet, and use the deleteairport property to remove unwanted elements from default scenery