Auto Pilot ILS Auto lock Approach Bug does not release the auto pilot


I found that once you do an ILS approach the plane navigation auto pilot is auto locked to that approach and takes over the entire navigation system. The GPS system should be independent of the navigation and is incorrectly programed to take it over on its own and will not unlock so if you cannot get the system in manual you’re going to crash. It creates a dangerous missed approach because the navigation system in the aircraft doesn’t do anything at that point. Even when you land and program a new route the ILS approach you previously ran is not unlocked until you manually go into the navigation and activate another point. The auto pilot system in the aircraft is not the problem the routes that lock auto ILS activations over the greyed circle points for ILS are automatically locking the auto pilot taking over the navigation in the aircraft completely and not unlocking. It’s very easy to test. Load a route to the same airport using ILS and land using ILS. When you try to put your aircraft back in auto pilot using your heading after an ILS approach, you’re going to be in crash mode because the Navigation in the aircraft will not unlock the auto approach. NAV, HDG, and APR no longer function after hitting the ILS until you manually activate a new point in the flight plan…

Which planes, and are you using Working Title mods? I’ll have to check, but I’m fairly sure HDG will override APR once selected.

One thing I’ve learned using MSFS is that there are a number of different FMS, GPS, and autopilot systems in various aircraft and they all do not work the same. That is, there are different ways of entering data and different button too. There are no FMS operation “standards”.

Depending on the FMS/autopilot in use, when aborting an ILS approach it is a common practice to disconnect the FMS/autopilot and fly the aircraft manually by the PF until the FMS can be reprogrammed by the PM. This is very challenging in the single pilot cockpit!

The WT G1000 NXi appends the missed approach to the flight plan making it easy to fly the MA by enabling the first MA waypoint. (I haven’t used the G1000 NXi missed approach function. I think at the end of the flight plan, the Garmin enters “suspend” mode. If “suspend” mode is turned off, the missed approach will be flown.)