Auto Push-Back. Maybe I don't wantor need it

As soon as I start my C172, the AI pilot request a push-back! There’s 100 ft of clear ramp in front of me. Not only that - but the ramp personnel ran himself and the trolley into a spinning propeller! He also pushed me right into a gas truck.

I appreciate the good intentions folks but please stop assuming that we all want something. Besides, had I been flying commercial - pushback would not have been requested until AFTER the Clearance/Delivery process AND, in many cases…BEFORE engine start.

Push-back should be an On-Demand option - NOT automatic!

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Simply put, and I totally agree.
My Cessna Citation is moving back before I get my pre-flight stuff done.
At least let us request it… when needed.


You need to turn off AI Copilot ATC radio handling assistance, and only turn them on when you want it to.

For me, when I’m cold and dark, I always check to make sure my AI Copilot ATC radio handling assistance is off before I even turn on the battery. So after I turn on the battery, the Copilot stay silent while I do all the tasks. Then I request pushback and once the engine start and ready, that’s when I turn on the AI Copilot ATC radio handling assistance so they can take over the handling from that point on.

And at the end of the flight, just before I park the aircraft turn off the AI Copilot ATC radio handling so that it doesn’t carry over into the saved config file for the next flight.

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The biggest problem with AI copilot is that when you activate the batteries it already starts an immediate communication with the ATC and automatically manages the pushback. The problem is that it doesn’t give you time to check other things on the aircraft. The proposal here is to activate this automatic communication only after the user requests the taxi.

In the simulator after landing, the copilot leaves it for you to communicate and choose the contact with the ground to choose whether you want gates or parking… The same should be valid for the beginning of the flight.

If this code change takes a lot of work with risks of affecting other important instances, then create a keybind for Ai Copilot comms ON/OFF so that we can only trigger it when we think it’s necessary.

At the end of every sim session, before you exit your flight, from the on-screen tool bar, under “Flight Assistant”, turn the “AI Radio Communications (ATC)” option off.
That way he won’t be asking for this when you start the sim next time.
Wait until you are ready and have the aircraft set up, then turn this feature back on.

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I do this but I wanted it to be automated or else activated by a keybind for practical reasons. The shortcut to give the controls to the AI copilot is a good example of practical use! Whenever I just land I give him the controls so I can “clean” the aircraft and focus on other things while he taxis (and he’s been doing this job very well, by the way) :slight_smile:

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There is a new keybinding available in SU10 (or maybe earlier) that toggles at AI co-pilot on/off. Is this what you are asking?

I enabled the keybinding when I found it. I had to disable it because I was accidentally toggling it on and wondering why the aircraft stopped responding to me. I have to find a different switch to use.

Nice they fixed this. When I was still preparing my flight in the PMDG 737, the co pilot requested pushback. Very annoying and therefor had to make sure to have it disabled. Nice it can be turned on again from start.

No, it’s a keybind for AI comm ON/OFF