“Auto-Taxi” problem after landing

When I land in any aircraft, I touch down and immediately the AI starts to veer the aircraft off of the runway and tries to taxi to a gate even at incredibly high speeds. It always messes up all of my landings and I have checked every assistance feature to try and turn it off but I have had no luck. I don’t have landing assistance on but I do have the taxi ribbon on. I don’t think that feature has anything to do with my problem though. After the plane slows down, it will taxi right to a gate, but I want the ability to do it myself while following the ribbon. I hope someone knows how or where to fix this.


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Hi CrazyCactus,

Not sure this will completely help … I like to fly with AI copilot Chucky in control, but he/she often seems to get lost after landing … particularly if you need to back-track. Solution is to take over control (I have my joystick trigger configured to toggle control), point the airplane in the right direction and hand back control. That usually works.

Some cases I have had to ask ATC for taxi to gate … even if Chucky is supposed to be in control of the radios too.

It’s real teamwork :slight_smile:

I have taxi ribbons on too and all others off but never expericed that, are you sure you dont have anything on :thinking:

Check your assistance settings

Can these taxi ribbons be turned on in game or must they be set in the main assistance screen?

They can be turned on in game in the assistance screen under the navigation tab