AutoGyros and Powered Gliders

would love to see some AutoGyros added like the Cavalons and Calidus’ and some powered gliders as well

YES! Autogyro Cavalon would be amazing especially with steam Altimeter, Air Speed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator guages plus a Garmin G3x.

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+1000 for Autogyros, they would be awesome in MSFS.

Bluemesh was developing one but stopped, I really really hope they can resume that project because the quality of their work is fantastic.

That one is really not an autogyro it is based on the xcub with the Autogyro skin. It is a freeware so no complains but is not really a gyro.

The only semi-realistic gyro for MSFS is the Bulldog by Rara-Avis but that is a very rare machine, from zillion heros available we got one that does not fly irl, we had bad luck.

A nice modern autogyro would be awesome for VFR / sightseeing flights in MSFS.