Two things, is it just me that can’t use both AP for an autoland and when you use 1 AP when it flares it nosedives? Thanks.

The default planes don’t have autoland modeled correctly.

Do you recommend any 3rd party planes that do?

Fly By Wire is the only one that does and it’s currently not working due to update. Hang tight.

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The FBW mod actually simulates autoland? Since which version? Must be brand new.

It still does but it nose dives when is says flare.

The default A320 also writes FLARE onto the FMA, but doesn’t flare.

It doesn’t automatically reduce thrust to idle and the AP disengages at touchdown. No autoland at all.

FBW has flare on the FMA as well, but it nosedives instead of flares.

320 SimPilot had a video on that. Since version 4, maybe? It works sometimes, but not others. Basically, certain ILS approaches work, others don’t. I don’t think it flares well, you are right.

I’ve not seen a single autoland video.

On older version there were some pitch oscillations on short final which could be mistaken for a flare, but that’s all.

As mentioned above, no flare, no thrust reducation and the AP disconnect at touchdown = no autoland.

It is autoland, it flared fine before an update. It even goes through the proper real life sequence of land on the FMA then flare just it doesn’t flare as an update broke it.

That’s new to me. Confirm the automatic thrust reduction did work and the AP didn’t disengage at touchdown?

On the a320 it kills the thrust just doesn’t move the actual throttle as it can’t (but you put it at idle) and it does disconnect ap at touchdown

I didn’t know that the FBW guys managed to implement the automatic thrust reduction. Impressive. :+1:t2:

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why the h want ppl autoland, thats beyond me.

Don’t understand that one?

Simply because the real ( autoland capable) planes can.
I know that most of the airline pilots do manual landings but that’s only because it’s fun and keeps them alert.
The caravan almost can do it.
I repeat: almost can… If I let the bird do its thing, it wants to touchdown only 0,1 nm before the runway.
Still trying to figure out how to correct that but for the moment I switch of AP just beyond the 500 ft call.
That works for me at the moment.

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