Automatic Login

Since updating to 40th Edition, my account doesn’t automatically login in anymore. I only have one account and when I run the programme a splash screen comes up asking to login. I enter yes and another screen comes up showing the account to log in to. There is only one on display. I choose that account and then the login continues automatically. I don’t actually have to enter the details as they are already there. I can’t find a check box to say to do this automatically. I don’t gave any other apps open under this account when running the sim.

All previous major updates have been fine. Just logged in on the the first run then it automatically logged in after that.

Has anyone had this problem or know of a solution?

I also have this problem but have not found a solution.

The problem seems intermittent. It disappeared for a couple of logins just after my first post then came back. When I logged in after the lastest update to MSFS2020 I don’t have to login in again. SInce I haven’t changed any of my programmes or settings, in windows or the game, maybe the problem is with Steam.

Do you still have this issue? I also started to experience this since the summer '23. It’s definitely windows profile related. I logged into my computer on another admin account and when running MSFS after the first login, subsequent starts don’t ask me to log in any more. Back to my main profile and it’s happening every time. Strange thing is when the second prompt displays the account to log in with under that it says it’s already logged in. I need to select it still to get the “Welcome back” prompt. No password is needed. So something in my windows profile disabled the auto-login but what? And how to fix?

Yes I still have this issue. It is exactly what I am seeing and having to deal with. I only have one account but I still have to login with it. I am on a PC, but I suspect it has something to do with Xbox accounts. It seems to be asking me to login to Xbox account which I don’t have. Nothing has changed since my first post and it is still happening randomly. When I logged into forums last I got a prompt to allow MS Forums to access my xbox account. I had to say yes to login to forums.

It is definitely Xbox Account related. As far a I can see my MS account is also an Xbox account even though I don’t have an Xbox or ever used one. Also, I have never registered for an Xbox account.

You do have an XBox account. It’s the same one you use to login to the sim. Since you mentioned you purchased the sim on Steam - the first time you ever launched the sim on Steam would have triggered a brief one-time linkage operation between your Steam account and your XBox for Windows Gaming account. I’m on Steam and that was my experience.

You can probably alleviate this by logging into XBox for Windows Gaming once on this page using the same credentials for the sim, then try launching the sim and seeing if it still asks for a login.

Ok thanks, that is what I was beginning to suspect. I will try your solution.