Autopilot and proper procedures - MSFS aint working like it's supposed too

All - Watched several YT videos on proper startup and setup for the Auto Pilot and FMS. This would be for 747. I even have written up a check list so I do it properly. Some bugs in plane.
At a point, you are supposed to turn on the beacon, navigation lights etc. NONE of those switches work on my 747. Following known good directions on getting AP to work, it does not. It could be me, so I will keep trying but setting it up using good directions, turning on AP button, plane consistently failes and crashes. Now this is so frustrating, because I want to like and use this game, but every time I spend time in it, it screws up and I crash, and that is why I routinly go back to FSX, less than steller graphics, but I can fly around world and not crash because that game works. Ok, the HC-BTQ sorta works in FSX, cannot setup reverse thrust, so keyboard is king. But the AP in the planes work fine. And even successful youtube presenters of systems ask “why was their NO documentation on this game for plane and systems”. I have asked that question since day one. ASOBO, you want to open can of worms and answer it for us. Because using aftermarket stuff, is starting to get expensive, and it’s putting a crimp on my flying and buying fuel for this game.

The big trick is learning that there has to be some fuel in the center for the APU to switch on.

Does this how to guide help?

It works fine. All the lights work and so does the AP. Either you have it on Legacy model or it’s a user error or some sort of mods you are using.


No mods, nothing in cm. I am almost positive it’s something i’m doing, but have not discovered what. Still trying.

Having the same problem with 747. Also not following flightplan anymore

Yes, I have listed a link to Youtube video, which is the best explanation going on what I’m doing wrong. I have page and half of notes on getting to work. See what you see and we can collaborate on getting a check list if you want. ALready have made one for Cold and Dark, several schools of thought on proper procedure. Reason my lights don’t work, is thinking I have to get mouse into a periherial device list I think.

(1) FS2020 - Boeing 747-8 Autopilot Tutorial - YouTube