After the update version, for all planes, ormi my airbus a320 from flybwhere,

I can put the PA, om works. ALT mode also works, but HDG modes; or NAV does not work.

Can you find me a solution?

Thank you for your answer, best regards Didier HAINNEVILLE

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Check to make sure your General Options → Accessibility → Cockpit Interaction is set to Legacy. This should allow your mouse to interact with the FCU buttons and knobs properly to engage the NAV and HDG modes.

Hello to you,
thank you very much for answering me.
But I was already in the ‘HISTORIC4’ version for the cockpit configuration. Finally, yesterday I found a modification to be made in content management; and update. There was an update to download for the garmin 1000 gps.After doing this update everything works fine HDG ALT and NAV, as well as the VS.
I have another problem also linked to this new version: the new hopi_tal mac douglas plane, which is free since this version, is downloadable, but we cannot use it … it is one of the planes that we can choose ?? but the box at the bottom right ‘start the flight’ is gray "e … What should be done?
hank you for your reply. I don’t think I’m the only one to ask this question.

Hmm… I’m not too sure, I didn’t download the Garmin G1000 NXi content, nor I download any other aircraft content. I deleted all my aircraft content, and I only keep the A320 installed. And the default TBM 930 and Cessna 172 which I cannot remove.

Thanks for your reply, my autopilot is now working fine with the downloaded G1000 in the store. I also download the 787 from FLYBWHERE. This is the B787-XE project. you seem to like liners, you might be interested because this plane is a long haul. Have a nice day. Didier

Thanks, I’ve tried the 787. And while I like widebody long-haul aircrafts. I don’t enjoy flying Boeings. So that’s the reason why I removed the 787 from my premium content and the XE mod. I’m waiting for the A350 and the A380 to be released.

Did anyone get a fix for this? Turning on the autopilot in a 172 is now worthless. The plane does what it wants and becomes uncontrollable.