Autopilot not following flight plan on LOWK STAR and Approach

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FlybyWire A32NX for Airbus A320, Navigraph Ingame Panel

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Brief description of the issue:

FBW A32NX: Few miles before ABIRI (first waypoint of the ABIR1T STAR) the Autopilot selected another waypoint which was wildly off course. Fixed the issue by manually selecting DIR to ABIRI. On the final turn before catching the glideslope, the autopilot selected the Airport as the next waypoint, ignoring all other waypoints in the flight plan (again wildly off course). ATC then immediately demanded to climb from 4000f to 7000f, which would have resulted in a missed approach.
Problem is also present on RNAV runway 10L approach with ABIR2A STAR

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Set up a flight plan with the A320 Neo form Vienna LOWW to Klagenfurt LOWK. Select ABIR1T as STAR and ILS RWY 28R as Approach. The issues as decribed above happens a few miles before the Waypoint ABIRI and on final turn to approach.

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i7 10700k, RTX 2070, 32GB RAM @ 3600Mhz

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:, but still present in current WU

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?


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Tbf that could be the Neo’s autopilot

However …

Experienced the same issue on (A320 Neo) when nearing Heathrow enroute from Geneva. Aircraft vectored radical direction change before reaching the STAR. Corrected manually and aircraft corrected when aligned and close enough to engage the approach hold.

Issue is fixed in the latest Fly By Wire experimental build. So it’s definitely a problem with the Vanilla flight plan management system.