Autopilot not working properly in External View

I have the same issue. I was flying from KFLL to KMCO in a Cessna 172 and within a minute or so of external view, it was already flying away from the GPS route.

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That is very reassuring and thank you for the detailed update, it really is most appreciated.


I am experiencing the issue of the Auto Pilot not following flight plan when in external view. As soon as i takeoff and begin the vectors the plane goes off course and only correct it self when i return to the cockpit view.

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I and several friends also have this problem
Flight plan not followed in external view mode using G3000 or G1000 .I wanders off flight plan.
On returning to cockpit view - flight plan is followed OK.
Affects several planes including TBM930
Is there a solution to this problem?

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A workaround I found for my SO was to fly in cockpit mode only and only go on external view when you’re on autopilot and in the middle of a long flight plan leg. What I noticed is there seems to be an AI override while you’re on external, as if the “AI Piloting in Cursor Mode” setting on the Flight Assistant toolbar is on (even when it’s actually off). I watched my SO take off on external view mode fighting with the controls because something’s setting the throttle to 0 and deploying flaps on takeoff, and see it miss flight plan turns and drift on course until she goes back to cockpit view by which time the AP reacts to said drifting off course.

If I get a chance to record it I’ll contribute that to the bug thread.

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A workaround I have found is to open the MFD display as an external window (Alt-GR + click on MFD display).

Having the MFD visible (either from cockpit view or as an external window) seems to cure the AP inability (in to maintain the course (esp when it changes) and VNAV limits.

The External MFD window can be resized (Edit: or minimized) and placed somewhere that is not obtrusive. If you close the external mfd window, the AP issues come back.


Much appreciated. Hope MS fix this asap.

Works brilliantly for us.Thanks for posting this.

That’s an excellent call, will definitely give it a try. Thank you!

New upgrade Yesterday, and issue not fixed…disapionted…

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edit: SO just tested this workaround, popping the MFD out through alt-gr + click worked even if the window is minimized rather than resized, see result video

Just to verify - would minimizing the window also cause the AP issues to come back or is it enough that the MFD window exists? I can’t test it because I do not experience the problem, but I’d like to know for my SO to try.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons? If the issue still occurs with no mods and add-ons, please continue to report your issue. If not, please move this post to the Community Support section.

Yes, running in safe mode has the same effect

Which aircraft are you reporting an issue about? (Please also add the proper tag for it)

Boeing 787 (out of the box)

Brief description of the issue: When flying using the External View, the autopilot, whilst remaining engaged, seems to do its own thing with regard to heading particularly. Changing to Cockpit View seems to make it get back on the NAV heading again. It’s also not as accurate with Altitude and will continue to climb past the selected ALT in FLC mode. This seems to be a recent thing. It wasn’t happening a couple of weeks ago.

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Same with TBM. Exact same thing. Just started recently

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It’s already been tagged as a “Bug logged” here:
Autopilot not working properly in External View


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Well, add to that now that it’s happening INSIDE as well. Never had either of these things happen until recently (like days ago recently).

Doing a simple TBM IFR flight from Orcas Island to Seattle and midway the plane just drifts off course with nothing that could be done to persuade it to get back on the magenta line on its own.

Thanks for checking - the work-around works for me too, so it’s great there is a relatively simple solution to this.

Tried a simple IFR flight in the TBM from Seattle to Astoria and the plane just ignored the second leg (a simple turn) and just flew straight ahead. At the proper altitude mind you just would not follow the magenta line.

I’ll try the popout “workaround” but really… should be be “working around” MAJOR problems like this that didn’t exist a few weeks ago? Yes MAJOR because like the ATC that always drops out and rarely works properly in that regard, now we (a) can’t use ATC reliably AND (b) can’t use AP reliably.

These major flight items sure are marketed differently than their actual functionality.

This is why many are dubious about 2024 by the way.

It is quite annoying that it worked fine for 2 years and then with the avionics update in May 23 it went south.
Did you mention it was happening when in the cockpit view, as well as when using the external view? That’s a further complication if so, and should be reported.

Well if you want it to work until they push a fix, you have these options:

  • use the workaround, and have it work
  • don’t use the workaround, and have it not work

and a third option:

  • don’t use the simulator at all until a fix is released

Given that they’ve refused to issue hotfixes for other regressions in the AAU2 update so far and said the “white dot” will be fixed in SU13, we probably have to wait until its scheduled release on September 21 for the fix.

They could push a fix sooner, but from what they’ve told us they plan not to.

Agreed that this sort of thing doesn’t give me confidence for bugs getting fixed in MSFS2024, but shrug it’s not open source so there’s nothing else you can do. You can either take what they give you, or not.

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This is very odd. I never had this problem until today whilst VFR in Turbo mod Bonanza in the Philippines, in VR. Like the OP, whilst in external view not only did the autopilot ignore the course change but also lost or gained up to 500ft before I noticed. Like everybody else reverting to cockpit view kicked the autopilot back into correcting everything.
The only thing I have changed since yesterday was to programme a PTT button on my Logitech yoke to select “1” in the ATC box response section instead of having to use the mouse all the time. There are no other bindings on that button.