Autopilot shuts off for no apparent reason

I’m flying the stock Baron G58 in FS2020 on Windows PC. Using version purchased from MS Store.

Autopilot shuts off in middle of flight or immediately after engaging.

Example: Flying IFR from KHON to KBKX in clear weather. Aircraft is correctly configured as far as I can tell. Engaging AP, within 2 secs, AP shuts off and alert ding is heard. Why?

I have done flights where it worked fairly well but usually, this is the result. Makes AP useless.

Am I doing something wrong? If not, is it a bug, will it ever be fixed?

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Haven’t seen that ever.
Check your controler settings for multiple auto pilot controls or if its set to toggle on/off, change that to separate on and off.

Example: T key toggles ap on and off.
Change to-
T key turns on ap.
S key turns off ap.

But most likely multiple ap settings between keyboard and ( mouse, yoke, stick, throttle or maybe even rudder )

Autopilots will disconnect when if the aircraft is about to enter an unsafe orientation. For example, if the AP is climbing the aircraft using a VS that is too high, as airspeed decreases, the AP will disconnect before the aircraft enters a stall.

Understood and thank you. However, it disconnects even when flying at normal cruise, gear up, flaps up, RPMs normal, flying straight and level in clear weather, weight and balance in normal range. Is there something else I’m forgetting? Maybe it’s not resetting so if it disconnects once, you cannot get it to re-engage without restarting the flight from scratch? I’ve flown a great many hours in the old FS and never encountered this problem. It occurs in multiple aircraft. I’m sure it’s me but I can’t figure out what I’m missing. Thanks again for your help.

How (if) have you assigned your autopilot and flight director functions in the assignment menu? Please be precise.

Please explain in detail how you engage it, step by step.

Normally if an autopilot disengages immediately either the controls are not neutral (for example the airplane is out of trim and you hold the elevator to hold the nose where it is) or the airplane is not able to use the autopilot. This could be a numerous things. Since I don‘t know the CRJ I can only guess since nobody‘s looking over your shoulder.

This sounds like an assignment problem.

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Okay, so I went in and cleared all the assignments for the autopilot. Jumped in an took off. Flying under AP for 15 minutes now with no issues. I think you nailed it - for which I am very appreciative. Thanks!