Aviator’s liveries optional please

In another development, I have just seen that one of my extra PMDG DC-6 livery’s gone and the other wasted (no textures in and out). Not sure it is related but yesterday evening they were here and today, after the update which is a livery update as confirlmed by the moderator of this forum, they are gone. Bizarre !

Hello everyone!

Please go to your content manager and delete these items if you don’t want Aviator’s liveries.
Next updates should not trigger a new DL of these liveries.


Excellent, thank you.

Confirmed by another user at Avsim.

For the record the A’sC liveries weigh 1.09 GB !

Deleted just over 1GB of unwanted liveries that were downloaded today. Why on earth wasn’t this optional? I feel sorry for those with a cap on their broadband usage.

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Followup on the DC-6 liveries : it seems to be a PMDG problem acknowledged by them

More than 1.09 GB :rofl:

MSFS Premium Deluxe - aviators club and test pilot 3.1 GB

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If you are complaining bout a 500MB download… maybe this isn’t the right game for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

500 mb of ■■■■, this is the question.

Mine was around 915 kb… yes kb… took me one second to download, and I’m done and in the main menu afterwards.

Question : Apart from the Aviator’s Club Liveries , can the Kenmore, Global, Emerald and whatnot liveries also be uninstalled and not come back in future updates. Don’t need them. Thanks

As long as you’re uninstalling them using the Content Manager, they are permanently uninstalled. Don’t uninstall by simply deleting them from the Official Folder. Because the content that you should have installed, won’t by sync with your microsoft account. But when you press the Delete button in your content manager, as soon as the content that you want to uninstall is removed, it’s synced to your Microsoft Account, and they won’t be installed until you press on the Install button.

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Thanks for the clarification. Busy now selecting them in Content Manager. So far 3GB + disk space that would be saved.

You missed the point. There are people who don’t want to waste bandwidth downloading it. It should not be part of standard updates.

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Then your update screwed up somewhere because that’s what the mystery update did.

Thanks for pointing out what to search for, liveries doesn’t yield anything in the content manager. Aviator, 1.24 GiB freed up.

The content manager is pretty poor. Why can’t you sort on type of content and by region,

I like to run a clean operation and saving on disk space on my 256 GB SSD is welcome too. I remember the days of internet caps, what a nightmare it was when my ps3 broke and I had to download the digital content again spread out over months. This month I’ve already used 133GB in data exploring PG Areas in the USA.

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Search for “aviators”

Yes this time, last time it was Emerald, Orbit, Pacifica, World travel, Global, Kenmore, S7

My standard update was only 930kb. The liveries were never downloaded for me.