Aviator’s liveries optional please

I would appreciate if you could make them an optional download for the Content Manager. I have no use for them whatsoever. This morning, they wasted 500 MB of my internet cap and at least as much of my SSD space. And I have to delete them.


It is optional. Just go to your content manager, and delete it.

This needs addressing sooner rather than later, in a few years time we could have GBs worth of Liveries that people don’t want/need taking up valuable disk space when that is already at a premium with this Sim.

Wake up Asobo and make this an Option to have these installed, quite how this got through R&D I’ll never know, forcing them on us doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.


Not anymore, see the small update thread where it’s explained they are now part of the default install and if you remove them they will be reinstalled with every patch.

Yes you can remove them after every future patch but that’s an annoyance I could do without.

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No, it was a compulsory download today

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At the same time storage capacity goes up and at some point people will laugh at you for only having 2 TB of space.

What do you mean in a few years? I have 5 GB worth of A320 liveries right now…

In the future? I already have 30+ GB of liveries in my community folder lol.

Was that a choice you made or was it forced on you?

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Was definitely a choice lol, I have all of the project mega pack liveries for every plane. IDK why but I do :rofl: But I have 12 TB of SSDs so I guess it dont matter?

Was a bit annoying to get a mandatory update like this but people will defend anything it seems! If you are on a metered connection, every 500MB counts!


It does as it wastes space on my SSD. And If you delete them they will come back with another update… Waste of cap, waste of SSD, an unwelcome gift.


i have also to delite this unwanted stuff…

I’ll have the space, doesn’t mean everyone will, you’re missing the point that we’re being forced to have something that isn’t needed. This should be Optional.


Really? I just downloaded the small update today. And I had a look at all my aircraft and livery, none of the Aviators’ liveries are installed.

When I jumped in to have a look at my content manager. All the Aviator’s Liveries are showing as “Not Installed” and “Download available”.

So on my MSFS, these liveries are still not forced/mandatory for me, it’s still optional.


Was it? Because I didn’t have them before, and still don’t have them now.

And people reported in that thread they had the liveries downloaded for them without having them already installed.

Yeah, weird… I wonder if it’s because I disabled my default liveries aircraft.cfg from being selected in the official folder. But I deleted every single aircraft in the sim, while I only left the Asobo A320 there. Then I disabled the aircraft.cfg to be user selectable.

If the Aviator’s liveries are tied to the default livery, then that’s probably explained why I’m not getting them.

I checked my Official folder too, and there’s no Aviator’s livery in there as well.

How many were there in total in the thread? I counted about 12. Maybe I counted some twice. Not a single Aviators Club livery was installed for me either.

How big was your download ? Mine was 499.10 MB (Steam Version) ?