Avionics, AP, Right MFD, Electrical Failure - After Take Off

Hello, first post but I’ve been lurking for awhile!

I’ve read various issues that people have been experiencing with MFD blackout and have not been able to find anything similar to what I’ve been experiencing.

This is a vanilla installation of FS2020 with no mods.
The application is not in Dev Mode
ZenDesk Ticket# 99932


I’m able to reproduce this 100% of the time, on any flight I take with the SR22.

  • Prior to takeoff I note that Batt A on the G1000 MFD is -73 (ish) amps and yellow (discharge)
  • Turning on pitot heat, various lights increases discharge rate.
  • After take off and about 5-8 minutes into the flight, avionics fail and the right MFD fails.
  • Autopilot system disengages.
  • A window appear stating that “Radio is off and must be on to speak to ATC”.
  • No interactions with batteries or alternators in the cockpit resolve the issue.
  • Toggling AI Options - Control ON causes immediate power ON to MDF and reinitialization
  • Batt A is now positive (green) and not discharging
  • Toggling AI Options - Control Aircraft OFF - Batt A goes to immediate discharging
  • Failures reoccur within 60 seconds.

Cruise - Negative Discharge


AI - Control ON - Electronics Restored (Batt A Green)

AI - Control OFF - Batt A - Immediate Discharge

I don’t have Premium Deluxe for detailed help, but what jumps out at me from those pictures is the ignition being in the “Start” position for all of the images. It’s possible that’s what’s causing the electrical load and the AI pilot just simply overrides the input when it’s active.

Thanks so much for your keen observation! As it turns out, my Thrustmaster quadrant was ever so slightly canted towards the IGN/START position and the application was getting the command to continuously crank the engine. Toggling this put the key back in a normal position and stopped the discharge.

This is great! I haven’t been able to fly the SR22 in few years due to some health issues, so FS2020 will have to do for now. Regards!

hello dose anyone have a problem were the AP just terns it self on when u take off in the prop planes

I started experiencing exact same issue with MDF. I installed the latest update (May 25th, 2021). Still no luck. Any advice?