Avionics/autopilot tripping off about 1hr into flight

So I keep having this issue where about an hour into a flight, everything electrical trips off for a split second, avionics restart into test mode, autopilot trips off, throttles take a second to reset themselves to previous setting, etc.

I get the USB device disconnect and reconnect tones from Windows while it’s happening.

It only does it once, at about the 1 hour mark, and then never again. I flew 4 jobs in NeoFly yesterday while we did the post-holiday cleanup around the house, and it never came back, despite the sim running for close to 10 hours over the course of those flights.

It’s clearly a hardware suspend issue, but I have gone through and disabled selective suspend in the windows power menu, and have gone through every item in the device manager and the BIOS to ensure that windows does not shut down the devices to save power. These settings have been checked and rechecked.

What else could I possibly be missing to prevent the USB ports from shutting down? I feel like I have a better-than-average understanding of Windows, but there seems to be something overriding my USB port settings.

I’m on the latest build for Win11, about 2 weeks into a fresh re-install. If anyone knows of a deeper system setting, a script, a registry item I can add at startup, or whatever, I would be most appreciative.

EDIT: Out of curiosity, I went back into the device manager to check my USB and HID settings again. SEVERAL of the devices were once again enabled for shutdown. And then I remember I swapped out my old mouse for a new one yesterday. It seems like just disconnecting and reconnecting a device to the USB port reverted the settings.

Is this normal behavior? Should swapping out a single USB device reset so many devices in the manager? And is there a way to prevent this in the future? I just want the default action on my USB ports, HIDs, etc. to always be on, no matter what.

I consolidated all my flight sim hardware into one powered hub. That simplifies the port troubleshooting on the PC side since I can isolate it down to one port. That may help.

Same here. One powered 8 port hub. :slight_smile:

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