Avionics doesn't work


On every plane I don’t see instruments (the screens) but AP work so I don’t no what is the issue. I delete my livery in the community folder but it does the same think. Do you have any information ?


Is your avionics screen brightness turned down to minimum or off?

How can I change this setting ? I realised that I can see avionics screens when I am in the outdoor cam

I foud the control panel and the screen brightness is at is maximum

One of the biggest causes of this is a conflicting mod, livery, or scenery.
Empty your community folder, then try.
If you still have the issue, let us know!!

Do you have the battery switch mapped on your controllers and is this turned on?

His batteries and avionics switches are ON per the screen shot. It’s probably a Mod conflicting.

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I’m betting a Working Title package that’s out of date. The latest is 0.3.4, located here:

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That would be my first thought as well. This is exactly what will happen if you use WT G1000 3.2 and older on the current build of MSFS.

Barring that, it would be a mod conflict.

Since the latest update, USA world update 3 I cant seem to get my avionics to show up. If I am on the ramp and turn my plane on manually only one of 3 panels show up sometimes. What is weird is that if i start on the runway with engines running it will generally show all avionics screens. If I do that, then reload from the main menu and go to the ramp, then it will allow me to manually start them from cold start. So basically I have to load on runway with plane on, quit, go back into game and load on ramp and do a cold start and then it shows. This happens most every time. And, this is only happening to my business jets and TBM 930 that I know of.

Black screens are a published “known issue.” Hit Esc and restart the flight.