Avionics web simulator

Happy New Year to everyone!

Some time ago I have started to put together a tool that runs the avionics in a browser, to ease and speed up the development process. I was quite productive during the holiday break and it reached a state where it might be useful for basic development or at least of other people to contribute, so after cleaning it up a bit, I made it available here:

Here is a short demo: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/213300/103544735-39238200-4ea9-11eb-93f3-69dd85c6d78f.mp4

It consists of a nodejs web server that serves the HTML/JS/CSS/XML files from the MSFS installation and browser javascript mocks for game APIs.

Two panels are currently supported, for Cessna 172 and Bonanza G36, both with the standard G1000layout (PFD + MFD). A new instrument (AS1000 Bezel) was implemented to allow interaction with the panel (button, knobs, etc.). More G1000 planes / configurations should be very easy to add.

Basic stuff works, but there is plenty of things that are currently not working, most notably the map. There are also some scaling / display issues and the input (letter selector) does not work for flightplans or waypoints, there is no flight simulation yet (gps coordinates, magnetic track, altitude, RPM, etc.)

Unfortunately, it only works with the Steam version since the MS store version of the game has the base install files unreadable, even with administrator privileges.


So sad about needing a Steam install. The way Microsoft locks down the system even from administrators is frustrating to me. There’s has to be a way around that, but I haven’t been able to find it even after looking for months.

How do modders debug their glass cockpits without a tool like this?

Update: since the base files are readable for the MS store version as well.