Avro Vulcan: What to expect for the Just Flight Bomber?

More than any other aicraft addon that has ever come before, my hopes lay heavily for the success of the audio engineering team.

As I await this release, I know this addon will be a remarkable visual, systems depth, and overall experience to behold from Just Flight, and I cannot think of any other aircraft audio representation that could bring tears to my eyes from hearing an iconic sound of human history ressurrected.


Update posted a few days ago

I so hope they get the sound right and don’t make it unrealistically quite like what seems to have happened with the Asobo/Inibuilds MU-2

This aircraft is meant to be noisy and as it can’t be used for its real purpose in MSFS…I’d say that needs to be its most important trait.

Next update should hopefully include something on the sounds so fingers crossed.


Just to give you an idea of the level of detail that has gone into the sound recordings:

Literally, anything that could be recorded, even things you are most likely never to hear, was recorded. The team at Wellesbourne were absolutely brilliant throughout, and there is also likely to be one very nice surprise which will definitely be audible . . . .



This not just a day 1 purchase for me but a 1st hour purchase i will just sit and look at it