Axonos announced Mi-2 Helicopter for MSFS

Recenetly announced on their social media:

Exciting News from Axonos!

We’re thrilled to announce that we are officially working on the Mi-2 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Our team is dedicated to providing a high-fidelity visual and flying experience.

The Mil Mi-2, also known as “Hoplite,” is a light utility helicopter with a storied history since its first flight in 1961. With over 5,400 units built, the Mi-2 has served in numerous roles worldwide, including search and rescue, aerial firefighting, agricultural applications, and police operations.

We aim to faithfully recreate every use-case of the Mi-2 in the simulator, allowing you to engage in the full range of its operations. For instance, medical missions will feature animated and interactive medical equipment.


Great stuff! There is a really nice Mi-2 for Arma3 and I wasted may hours flying it’s many versions. Unfortunately Arma3 doesn’t support VR, so that alone is pretty exciting.

I hope you do some of the Polish army variants.

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Very exciting! Will be interested in seeing how well they do with their first aircraft. Presumably they have access to a real one to ensure they are getting things right.

The ones with funny snake names?

I didn’t know they had snake names, I had to google it! :sweat_smile: But yes, some of those are great, like the Mi-2URP with the Malutka missiles.

But just the Polish camo would be enough. Pretty cool colours.

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It would be nice to get an agricultural variant. It is currently used in Eastern European countries


It was a jack of all trades. From SAR and ASR to executive transport to gunship. Much like the Alouette.

Hey there, Axonos insider here (not on the mi2 team but a massive Mil helicopter fangirl :P), they do have access to a real one, which they use for 3D modelling (they say they want to capture every single nut and bolt to make it feel truly alive) and hand fly it to accurately determine its flight characteristics. They are apparently even using all the cool SBS and CFD stuff MSFS introduced! I know I’m affiliated with Axonos and all that but dang it I can’t wait to fly it when it comes out! :D


Now THAT is exciting news! Thanks for the special insight. Without getting too far ahead of myself, I’m really hoping for amazing things based on the access they have. Thanks again.