Azure Disconnects , where lies the problem?

When Azure stops working during a flight is that a MSFS server error or is it from Azure itself or is it an error on my connection or something. Didnt have to many connection problems with MSFS untill the last couple of weeks

Welcome to the club, might be the broken azure servers
Search the forum and you get to know the other club members :relieved::wink:

It’s been sporadically happening at least for the last few weeks!

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Hello fellow flightsimmers, i do have the same problem with the ATC. Azure goes offline and i’m getting messages with a slow talked Dutch accent. This problem happens frequent and i wonder how does it comes and if thee’s is some kind of solution.
Sincereley, Walter

I must say i also have some azure problems lately. But when ATC does work correctly i also hear ‘voices’ in the background. To my liking btw. I don’t recognize if its dutch btw, terwijl ik Nederlands ben…
With the new update yesterday i downloaded all the navigraph files and going to submit today (i already was a simbrief user) and i am going to learn Vatsim when i have some free time so i dont have the azure issues anymore.

I also have had regular bandwith issues the last days, never had those before (exept after SU5 i think a couple). L

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Hi PSV Wally, i guess you are living near Eindhoven. I’m a Belgian rookie in the flight sim world so VATSIM is a step to far for me! I have recorded some sound fragments wher you can clearly hear Dutch talking. When i’m going with the cursor over text files it’s been translated to speech, weird.
Groetjes, Walter

I also consider myself a rookie, but i more or less mastered simbrief planning. Now i’m trying to learn navigraph. Quick searching and understanding the right charts when MSFS ATC sends me to a other approach and runway and how to handle that in the cockpit. While also do the ATC on my own (not letting the co-pilot control it automaticly)…turning the right knob and select the right freq. is difficult enough on a laptop on the couch. I going to start using Vatsim when i feel ready for it

I’m having the same issue every flight now along with PG disconnect aswell but that gives me the option to ignore

I get this at the start of every flight, the first time I choose any ATC option there is a pause and then “Azure Services Disconnected”. It seems to eventually come right but sometimes cuts out again during the flight. I can’t see any reason for this on my end my internet is fine.

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I am experiencing exactly the same issue. This only started happening to me the last week or so.

Me too. Azure servers disconnected after one hour flight.

I have the same issue since yesterday. Any fix?

No. There doesn’t seem to be any yet.
It is a very widespread issue, I think a lot of users have it.
I get it, not regularly, but it does happen.

I’m also getting it frequently. I think its probably a server issue. I’m hardwired with over 700mbps download and 30mbps upload.

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I am getting this pretty well every flight. I like flying the fbw neo for about 1 to 1 1/2 hr flights. Azure services disconnect and never reconnects , this has been happening 2 to 3 weeks now. After azure disconnects I get helium voices from atc and my voice also sounds very helium like.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

No. (Xbox Series X)

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?

I don’t use add-ons.

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Azure ATC disconnects every 30 minutes or so. During a 1.5 hour flight it happens at least two times.

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Fly with ATC for at least 30-45 minutes.

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Happening again.

I (knock on wood) havent had that server problem in a while now.
But since the last update fps has dropped a huge amount and especially with landing/takeoff or above large cities it’s sometimes a stutter fest. Dropped almost everything down to medium but still max around 20/25 fps whilst before i had 25 with a lot of settings on high or ultra.

Until a few minutes ago that was the same for me