B307 Select Heading Bug w/ Plus & Minus Alters Course, but Doesn't Physically Change Gyropilot Heading Selection

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Boeing 307

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Utilizing Select Heading Bug w/ Plus & Minus will alter the autopilot’s course, however the heading selector on the Gyropilot remains stationary. Gyropilot headin selector will move when te knob is turned on the unit itself.

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Turn on Autopilot, Engage HDG hold, use Set Heading Bug keybind with Plus or Minus and note aircraft alters course, but Gyropilot heading selector remains stationary and doesn’t indicate new course.

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I can confirm. You can set the gyropilot’s heading bug (upper half) to whatever you want but the gyro compass (lower half) never moves at all. It’s stuck on north and never moves despite changes to aircraft heading.

The bank and pitch modes of the gyropilot seem to work just fine but it cannot follow the heading bug because it has no reference, due to the inop gyrocompass.