B747-400 add-on

Who else would like to fly the B747-400? I really hope they gonna add that in the future.

Me! Me! I don’t know if Asobo will add one, but I’m pretty confident that PMDG will bring their 747-400 into the sim eventually. It’ll be expensive, but their P3D version is just brilliant. https://pmdg.com/pmdg-747-400-queen-of-the-skies-ii-base-package-for-prepar3d/

Yeah I heard they gonna bring the 737s to the flight sim as well

I believe PMDG are bringing their full line up starting with the 737 variants first. I’ll probably throw my money at all of their models tbh

yeah and overpriced for some rehashed planes, that they could sell for 25$ a plane,
i have in the pass got the pmdg 737-600-700 and 800 and 747-400 -400i and the md 11
for both flight sim 2004 and fsx full price both times never again i will fly this half baked aircraft that this sim has to offer. hell fly the maddog was a great md82 and did’t cost the same price for fsx if you already owned it and all up grades where free.