B747-8i FUEL X FEED Not Working for Stab and Reserve Tanks

Boeing 747-8i. (Stock version, no addons)

The FUEL X FEED system does not work properly. It dose not bring fuel from Stab tank or Reserve tank into the Center tank to fed the engines.

My Test…

  1. All Fuel pumps and all 4 FUEL X FEEDS are on.
  2. Both Reserve tanks and the Stab tank are 100% full of fuel.
  3. Center Tank empties out.
  4. Main Tanks 2 & 3 empty out.
  5. Main Tanks 1 & 4 empty out.
  6. All 4 Engines shut down from lack of Fuel.
  7. Observation: 100% Fuel left in Stab and Reserve tanks.

Did some further research on this and the Stab Tank is supposed to automatically open and flow into the Center tank.

This just happened to me… I never realized that the stab and reserve tanks were bugged

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This problem is old. I understand it since the launch of the simulator. I’ve already said something about it here, but it didn’t work and no one else has.

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Still an issue.

Related APU issue - The main tanks ran empty and the engines shut down even though there was stab and reserve fuel. I manually refilled the tanks via Fuel in the toolbar menu and I clicked on the APU switch but after a few seconds the APU shut off. I wound up needing to click on the APU switch a few times in a row rapidly. Afterward the APU stayed on and I was able to restart the engines.

I only noticed the APU starting problem because I was on the ground at night and some of the panel lights would turn off after a few seconds apparently when the APU shut down. One time earlier I couldn’t get one engine to restart mid-flight and I think the APU not starting is the reason why I couldn’t restart the engine.

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747-800 FIX PAGE in FMC not working and mileage to destination airport is completely off.

Just did a 10 hour flight to vegas and reserve tanks just did not work. why on earth can’t microsoft fix this silly issue! there is no point playing this game with all these silly bugs! Just wasted 10 hours due to a basic issue that should have been fixed a long time a go

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I just wish basic things like this would be fixed. It’s a small issue but can have a big impact on the user experience i think!

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I have also noticed the 747’s fuel crossfeed issue on the Xbox version.

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What I do is “manually” transfer fuel using the Weight and Balance menu. When the Center tank is down 1650 gallons, add that much to the center tank, and remove that much from the Stab tank. Later on, after an hour or whatever, when the center tank is again down 1650, add that much more to the Center tank and deplete the stab tank to zero. Do similar to transfer from the Left and Right Reserve to Left and Right Main tanks. It’s a bit of a hassle, and it’s annoying that the simulation of the crossfeed pumps don’t work, but at least you are simulating the consumption of fuel on a maximum range flight in a more or less realistic way. But here it is, August 2023, MSFS is now 3 years old, and Asobo still hasn’t fixed this bug in the 747-8i? Kind of ridiculous.

That is strange. The current Asobo 747 simulates the real world fuel pump ops and the stab tank transfers the fuel as it should. Have you had a peak at the last section in the tutorial document? It describes how you should operate it. I have multiple 14hr+ long hauls and I have none of the issues described in this thread. the only issue is the RES tank transfer is too slow but you can plan for that and its been fixed in SU13 beta.

I have been doing some additional tinkering with the fuel control valve settings on the overhead panel. The 747 does in fact use the STAB and reserve tank fuel as long as the crossfeed pumps and valves are all enabled. I’m not sure how the fuel feed system actually works, as the CFG file section defining the fuel system is too complicated for me to figure out how the fine details work, but it does work.

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Default B747-8

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Aircraft version 0.1.109, Working Title Systems version 0.2.4

Brief description of the issue:

When departing with fuel in all tanks, and all tanks pressurized, the fuel auto manager doesn’t work properly. A few hours into flight, reserve tanks do not feed, and once tanks 1/4 are empty, those engines shut off resulting in the aircraft crashing.

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  1. Prior to departure, ensure there is fuel present in all tanks as would be the case on an ultra long haul. 2. Ensure fuel management is set to auto in the FMC settings. 3. Depart as normal with all fuel pumps/ X-feeds on. 4. Wait 5. The fuel manager will not properly sequence the tanks/X-feeds and likely engines 1/4 will be run dry after a few hours resulting in the aircraft crashing.

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Gigabyte B450 Aorus pro wifi
Ryzen 5 5600X
32GB DDR4 3200
RTX 4070
Game installed on WD M.2 SSD

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Current one. Don’t know where to find the exact version #. Not on SU15 Beta.

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Just curious since I didn’t see it mentioned in the thread, but what does everyone have for the fuel config setting? Working Title added this feature during one of the AAU updates I think, so make sure it’s on.