B777 Thrust Lever Addons for All Throttle Quadrant

Hello everyone,

I would like to inform you about the new product I designed. The Thrust Lever upgrade kit for the B777 will be tested and ready for sale soon with the launch of the PMDG 777. We designed this Thrust lever for Honeycomb Bravo, Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Edition, Saitek Throttle Quadrant and VelocityOne. All buttons on it will work. It will be produced as Full Electronic plug and play. You will only need to assign keys. These products will work on both Xbox and PC.
We’re just waiting to get it tested. How do you think it happened? I’m curious about your comments. Only Thrusmaster is visible in the photo and video, but I will make a post for all of them soon.

Homecockpit Store from ETSY.
Kind regards.