B787 problem after latest sim update

After the latest sim update, when i raised the fuel load to about 70% in the weight and balance for longer range flight, the plane’s nose started bouncing up (real high) and down when i begin to throttle up for takeoff. The plane will crash without ever getting to takeoff.

Would someome with default b787 please try it out and see if you encounter the same? Just increased the fuel slider to above 70% without touching any other setting. Then try to takeoff and see if the nose started bouching high up and back down continuously?

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What’s the actual CG (not empty CG) and are you using the modern flight model?

Yes i am using modern flight model. Center of gravity 15.42% MAC ( if this is what you are refering) when i raised the fuel load to 75%.

Is there anything i need to adjust? As i have regularly raised the fuel load above 70% prior to update without any issue.

That’s a weird one. I’m flying the default 787 a lot, but this hasn’t happened yet.
What’s the actual weight?

Total weight 501,268lb, fuel slider to 77%. No other adjustment. This is Within max takeoff weightcand also there is no center of gravity being out of limit message… so not sure why the nose kept bouncing high up and down and then crashed before getting to takeoff. Didnt have this issue before this sim update.

It’s too late here, I’ll try if I can replicate this issue tomorrow.

Can confirm. Just wanted to quickly check if the “not enough fuel” bug with the travel to function was finally fixed. So set up a quick flight from EDDF to KBOS starting on the runway with about 85% fuel. Strong bouncing right after setting take off thrust. Somehow on the second try I was able to lift off after several tailstrikes and realized that the the trim was set to 100% nose up…Manually getting the nose down was very slow and it automatically changed it back to above 60% (AP off).

Conclusion, still impossible to do long haul flights with the 787 as the travel to bug still appears and seemingly impossible to do any flights at all now with this aircraft :frowning:

Trying out the 787 for a first full flight and I encountered this issue even with like 60% of fuel or so. Plane’s nosewheel bounces over and over again without ending for no apparent reason while taxiing to the runway.

Yes, ok at least im not the only one with this problem so What is happening now…i still hope they didnt broke something again with their update… gosh. Why cant they just perform a few more tests on each airplane prior to rolling out the update. I am getting increasingly frustrated with these updates, i only fly the airliners and 787 is one of them, so look like i might have to wait for a few week for some fix?

Just tested and I can confirm. :frowning:
There are presently two ways to avoid this problem.

CG should be > 20%
If it isn’t, you need to start the takeoff run as IRL;
Hold the brakes, advance thrust to ~60% N1, release the brakes and quickly advance the thrust levers to TO thrust.

That said, it’s an awful bug and if the CG is < 30% upon landing, you will experience this bouncing as well if you are using full manual braking.

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I had exactly the same issues in default craft for 787 and all since latest update. It gets worse after every update.

Hello everyone, we just addressed this issue with a hotfix ! [HOTFIX] Bouncing B787 on the runway
Have a great day!

This has been an issue since launch, with the wing tanks full and the centre tank above 50% whilst within CG limits the nose gear bounced the aircraft during taxi. Steering would also lock up at any speed when attempting anything above a shallow turn. Navigating Heathrow and similar airports was literally impossible. The only solution was to empty the centre tank before take off then fill it once airborne.

Will test to see if it’s fixed.

Edit: It has been fixed! However the nose gear still jumps into the air when using maximum breaks to come to a full stop from any speed.

This issue was resolved with a hotfix (