B78xh mod v 0 1.10 latest update

b78xh mod fly’s ok follows flight plan but does not capture ils approach ,not sure if it’s a msfs flight planner or simbrief issue is any one else having issues .

What exactly do you mean when you say “does not capture ils approach”? After loading the Simbrief route on RTE page of the FMC, have you confirmed that the arrival runway ILS frequency is set in the comm panel? Are you pressing APP once you get ready to line up on final to capture the localizer and establish the glideslope?

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I had the same issue today after updating. Been using this mod without issues but today wouldn’t capture ILS after setting it up correctly. ILS freq had loaded in FMC and was confirmed using charts from Navdata but APP wouldn’t capture G/S or localiser
This appears a new issue. I was flying into OTHH
Other than that the MOD flies nicely

so take it up with the developers of the mod its nothing to do here if your using a 3rd party mod. A worldupdate is not going to break a mod as a world update does nothing to the systems that use the code for ils.

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prob best you deleted that

And why would that be?? Another pointless thread ?. I deleted it to stop any on going arguments. My point stands. Your comment was pointless and needless. If nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
I’ll happily repost it . I’m not particularly bothered by gutless " Threats "

It worked perfectly well for me when i flew yesterday. ILS was set up and captured the localiser and glideslope as normal.

so advising to go to the developers discord of said mod highlighting the issues is pointless is it. So where else shall the person go to get proper help from the developer ie the person who will be best suited to advise and help then do enlighten everyone.

I stopped using the mod, while the developers are doing a great job and all they can, it does not move as fast as the FBW a320, and thus after every update the plane gives me tons of problems.

I prefer to wait for QW’s payware version and, for now, use the stock plane, saves a lot of trouble.

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Same here.

The mod is good and they have done a good job but the updates ruin it for me. Stock is good enough for what I use the 787 for.

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While generally that is true, it is not guaranteed to be the case.

Also, multiple people use the forums for third party addon support, and it seems to be allowed, as the moderators do not delete such posts.

Per posts from Comi (the mod’s primary developer) on Discord, there were some underlying changes in the 787 with WU6 including changing names for a few internal functions, with no explanation. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to have broken anything in the released version of the mod for me, at least over a 35 minute test flight - spawned on a runway at the departure altitude, loaded up the flight plan I created on Simbrief, prepped the FMC, made sure the AP was pre-set for the climb out after takeoff with VNAV and VSPEED set and ready, and verifying the arrival runway ILS was set correct in the Comm panel.

Took off, climbed out to 3,000’ or so, hit AP and then once I was satisfied that things were working well, enabled VNAV and let it do it’s thing through climb, cruise and initial descent until the arrival. Once at the start of the STAR, I disabled VNAV to control speed and descent rate manually to hit the arrival altitudes at reasonable speeds, adding flaps as needed during the deceleration and descent. After starting the turn toward final, I armed the Approach mode. The AP captured the localizer, flew up under the GS marker and captured it as well, then descended as normal. I killed the AP a couple hundred feet up and landed manually as usual. No sweat.

this problem is only relivent to the latest b78xh mods 0 1.10 and maybe 01.9 ,if go back to a previous version a month or so back it work fairly well . Having thought about i decided to look at weather after creating a flight plan in sim brief
and loading into via the fmc selecting approach airport on approach certain airports are not automaticaly picking up ils gls so Today i pressed ctrl 5 went to radio stack pressed nav in the top left corner it should show ils gl s and course it seems that is’nt always so ,you need to enter ils and course manually sometimes the only way in flight simming is to tinkle sorry if ive gone on a bit but maybe it will help others

I never said it was not allowed so fail to see why your bringing that up.

All I said was best to go to the mods discord as the developer is active on there and they are the best people to ask for support

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