Back to stutter after messing things with FBW

so I had FS2020 working fine in VR with my 2060s OC. Previously was using the FBW but after I installed a FBW dev update my hotas x calibration got messed up and could not calibrate again so used the CRJ700. All was fine till few days ago when I tried again to calibrate my hotas which I did not manage and FBW guys could not help on discord. Suddenly got back again stutters in VR which makes the game unplayable. These happen more or start to happen when I remove my headset and put it back on. Never happened before and my oculus settings are still same.

I dont feel like formatting again. Any suggestions please ?

My setup:

Oculus Quest 2
MSI RTX 2060 super Ventus OC and OC again with afterburner
Inter Core i7 8700 3.20GHZ with hyperthreading ON
32GB Ram

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