Bad FPS and performance spikes after 1.13.17 update

I have used FS2020 since January and have had good luck with it, until the last update and now hotfix. before, FS2020 did not need VSYNC on to eliminate screen tearing, however now it does, and there are noticeable microstudders, pauses, and bad FPS drops. The best example of this was flying the C172, where outside I had 60fps and 90% gpu load, but when I went inside the cockpit, my GPU/CPU loads dropped to 40-45% and my FPS dropped to 25-30. this happened for the entire flight.

Just today I tested with the FBW A320 Neo and was getting 11fps in the menu, and 20-25fps in the flight with 30% GPU/CPU load. I turned on dev mode and performance shot up with loads going to 90-95% and my FPS shooting up to 50s in exterior and 45 in the interior. My settings are set to High, and I found no difference in raising or lowering them. I have tried the latest Nvidia drivers and the set I KNOW worked perfectly before the update. This really needs fixed badly. has anyone had the same issue?

Ryzen 5 3600 @4.2ghz
EVGA RTX2070 super
B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
16gb DDR4 @3200mhz
512gb SSD, 256gb SSD, 1tb HDD

if you use these magnifying glass right top corner, you get your answer :wink: … for all of your mentioned issues ( fps in-flight, fps in menu )

There are existing thread(s) in which you can join and participate.

But beware : you use a mod and if you would read the REAME first, you possible find out that this category is for “no mods installed”.


( or somewhat with spikes, or or… all your ‘own’ keyword can you use :wink: )

Or more easy: scroll throw the category in which you created your topic

PS.: and in case you read a bit, you possible find also out that users with 16GIG needs a bit attention

Aha good to know. i’m still quite new to these forums. I have only flown FS2004 till January.

I did test with no mods in the community folder and got identical results. guess I’ll see what happens with the new update if they release it this week.

Frame Tearing ,… Microstutters ,… Lagging !

Ahem !,…Easily Rectified. Keep a wary eye on your Internet Provider and any ‘Short Changing’ as regards Broadband Speed.

then I guess I best hope they can fix these issues they introduced quickly. update 2 was much better performance wise.

We just discovered the solution to our problems with the sudden Degradation of our beloved Sim.
Our Internet provider is tending to Throttle our Speed and when we made sure that a VPN was active everything is back to ‘Normal’.

I have 50mb/s internet so I don’t think that would be my issue