Bad Lod pop in

hello folks, iv bought this sim to have an amazing visual experience however those dreams fell after su5 and the downgrade of visuals.

1-Airport signs suddenly pop in as i taxi
2-In a scenery with dense small buildings (Cairo for example) from a far only tall buildings are visible
3-Buidlings fading in/pop in as i get close to them
4-Blurry textures from above
5-Setting LOD factor to 800 doesnt even change anything nor affects visuals

Attempted fixes:
1-Higher specs
2-280 ethernet speed
3-Different servers
5-Lod factor both object and terrain 400+
6-All settings on ultra
7-Three clean re installs
8-No mods
9-Scenery addons
10-Multiple support zendesk requests
11-Manual, Rolling, On, Off cache
12-Online and offline mode

i do want to make it clear this issue wasnt here before SU5

here is some footage:

this included my main issue HECA/ in footage OEJN airport
and london heathrow

and for the “focus on instruments not scenery”
i do need to look at the airport when i fly, and seeing those pop in buidlings are terriible and kill the immersion, i see the airport from a far and the ground is blurry and no buidilings are visible infront of the airport, and all of a sudden there is an entire city visible when i get close