Bad Performance at EDDM

So I know there a lot of performance problems and probably its best to just live with it but this one really bothers me;
GTX 1060 6GB
16 GB RAM @ 3000mhz
Ryzen 5 3600 at 4.3 OC

If I am in the A32NX (the add-on A320) I’ll get ~25-30fps on Ultra right above New York and 100% GPU utilization. As far as good. But as soon as I go to EDDM Airport I have ~20-25fps with just 70% GPU utilization. My CPU is at 30-40% overall (slightly higher at NY, around 50-60%) and my singlecore performance at highest is around 60-70% (most of time 3 cores are mainly utilized).
So I just dont get why I have such a low performance at Munich. And some REALLY ugly (and bugged) textures around the area where I live (plus crashes if I move around there in slew mode)

Heres a picture of the textures. Didn’t screenshot it because it crashed to desktop, so I only have this picture which I showed to a friend. Can’t provide more information right now but feel free to ask.

Edit: Yeah okay so now it’s starting to just crash me every time I am trying to fly. Yesterday from Munich to Teneriffe (4-5 hours) without any issues, but after my first crash today it’s just happening over and over again.

FIXED: Deleted rollingcache. Textures are correctly loading now and no more crashes so far. Also deleted my graphics driver and replaced it with version 457.30, now my GPU is fully utilized