Balearics and Canaries omitted from latest WU

I’m disappointed that the Spanish islands are not improved in the latest World Update. The default Bing data is very poor…see what it makes of Palma cathedral. Hopefully a better rendering eventually will be available of these popular holiday destinations.

The Canaries were updated a bit I think. I’ve seen people refer to newer satellite imagery, there are a few new POIs there, and they featured in the promo video for the update.

I think you are right about the Canaries…but nothing seems to have been done about the Balaerics

This was an Iberia update. The Balearics and Canaries do not form part of Iberia.

I’m reasonably sure the name Iberia was chosen because the “Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar Update” is not exactly catchy.

Fact is, the Canaries DID receive a mesh update and three POIs (even though geographically they belong to the African Continent) while the Azores received an airport, and the Balearics and Madeira didn’t receive either, even though they belong the European Continent. So MSAsobo’s view of what constitutes “Iberia” isn’t entirely obvious.

All four island chains have little in the sense of well known architectural landmarks and are tiny in area compared to the mainland so I think a mesh update with 2-3 POIs is the best we could aim for.

I really would have appreciated they at least get rid of the black office block where Palma Cathedral is supposed to be. Fortunately there’s a good mod for that available on


You’re right about the Canaries. My second home is in Haria, Lanzarote and I can see quite clearly the graveyard in which the great Caesar Manrique is buried.

The depiction of the buildings all over the island is awful however. The above-mentioned would turn in his grave if he could see how the towns look!

I remeber on FS2004 or FSX when all the world was “omitted”. Really?, you are complaining about Balearics and Canaries, after Asobo was spending 2 year updating world areas for free?.

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Autogen can only do so much.
And especially Lanzerote with it’s many white-washed buildings almost has its own architectural style anyway if I remember correctly. So I think it’s asking a bit much of a World Update that deals with an area of over 600,000 km² and a few dozens different architectural styles of buildings to get stuff like that right everwhere.

I am lucky enough to live in a place where my house is acutally in PG, but the neigbouring town is already in autogen, and if you get near enough, you see that it looks nothing like the real thing. But STILL all the houses are in the right place, and at an altitude of 1000 ft AGL it actually looks quite realistic. And the same is true for most of the Canaries. And that IS the most important thing IMHO.

And noone should ever forget. This is the EIGHTH World Update that came completely FREE OF CHARGE. Everyone who bought MSFS - no matter whether it’s the Standard package or Premium Deluxe will get those free updates for the forseeable future. And that’s starting at a base price of only 59.99€

Most other long running gaming projects will give you ONE major update per year, and charge you for it.

And talking about gift horses: considering the prices of current addons, i.e. by ORBX, I’m sure each of those World Updates would set you back between 20.- and 30.-€ => so for 8 World updates you’d start at an additional 160.-€ minimum …

you are absolutely right, after fs2004, fsx and p3d,
fs2020 is by far the best simulator that comes close to the real thing.
You get what you pay for.
this game is incredible

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Correct Iberia is a peninsula of mainland Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar and doesnt include islands. Although they did update POI’s for Tenerife and La Palma. So I’m gathering with that already been worked on that they might improve the Balearics Canaries Azores and Madeira at some point. Let’s hope because most of us Europeans holiday in these destinations and would love to visit them in the simulation.

absolutely…the Spanish Islands and Madiera were favourite destinations of mine on my previous sim.

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