Bandwidth too low for photogrammetry

Nice work Microsoft as I have 60 meg broadband ( tester with speed test) and this is what I am copping as an error.

In Australia I’d say 90% can’t get a better than 50 meg .

Go figure


manual cache is your only hope I guess

How is Microsoft to blame here?
There is a life without photogrammetry by the way. I’d guess most of the globe is living without it.

Not even sure what a “meg” is. Megabit per second? Megabyte per second? Mega? Using international standards might help convey your issue.


I’ve not seen that and I have less than 50mbs and I’ve seen many here and elsewhere not having a problem when they are in the 20s.

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Yes but if others are using the net or downloading at the same time, your connection won’t be anymore full, you will get drop out.

Mbps sorry I don’t conform to your international standards but I am certain if you are as smart as you think you are you knew exactly what I was saying . Given it has no VR , no helicopters , no gliders, no fast jets , still used 5 year old DX 11 , no multi screen and a lot of promises this just makes it even more disappointing. I never got this error in beta so why now ?

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I have this also rarely although internet is fine. I think could also on the server side or route to Azure in the end not serving fast enough.

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Nothing related.

Thanks but I am well aware of this and there is no one else and I tested it several times . Technically it should be 100 Mbps but like MS there is no truth in advertising .

I have 60mb, it did happens only 2 times, but others was streaming at the same time. This can happens also if you are using wireless, it’s not stable connection, you can have drop out on bandwidth.

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Op s question only reflected his concern for the issue. Your reply to issue on the other hand was crude and worthless and the irony of you calling him toxic.

I faced the same issue, though like ExpressTomato52 said ,rarely. So overall op s concern is valid. If you cant add anything of value, please refrain from reverting.

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Couldn’t agree more :+1:

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How ironic :joy:

It’s an Ethernet connection but it loads up so I am thinking it’s just another bug .

It dies f matter really as I am just fooling around with a view to making sure I have it sorted if and when helicopters and VR arrive .

This should be more than enough so I am thinking it is a bug.

The 50Mbps recommended is likely needed for photog I suppose and if you’re 56 in a speed test, it’s very likely that you were fluctuating up and down and not holding steady above 50.


Supposed to be 100Mbps but our broadband in Australia is a bit hit n miss!

Imagery. Up front disclaimer, I am flying a Cessna 172SP or the 182T. Also, I believe that streaming is somehow dependent on speed. I may not see the same results in an Airbus A320.

I am using a 4G/LTE home internet connection. I am typically seeing about 8 Mbps, maybe 15 Mbps during good times. Occasionally I get the warning about bandwidth, but not always. When I get it, I hit ignore and then load in. I see photo imagery. I know this because I checked my own property and see trails worn in the pastures where the horses walk. (I doubt MS made me a custom pasture texture.) I see a streak of white clay running through one of my fields. So I went to Newark, NJ because I knew that would be a heavy load. I did get a warning and clicked ignore. It took a long time to load in (about three minutes) but once in and airborne. I had imagery. It was evident in the estuaries, fields, stadium, and highway textures.

The one time I did not click ignore, and selected whatever the positive response was (ok?) I did not see imagery. Later checking my settings under data, Photoimagery was turned off. I think selecting OK did that, not sure.
So, I guess my experiences are:
Just because you get a warning, it does not mean you will not see imagery.
Double check your settings under DATA to make sure it is ON and not OFF.
I don’t think there is a hard bandwidth number coded in, at which the SIM “WILL NOT” display imagery
I believe it is based on streaming… if it streams it streams. (warning or no warning)
I suspect that speed may have something to do with it, like landscape scenery popping in , in early generations flight sims, but now it is … can the photo-imagery download fast enough as you fly over?

Regardless of the recommendations for bandwidth, or warning messages, with a smooth connection, your imagery may stream just fine. (Doubt that will hold true when you are flying and aftermarket F/A-18 at mach 1.2) For the moment, mine is working fine on 4G/LTE! I never expected to get imagery, but I am … well until my wife starts sharing videos with her friends. Better internet is coming here soon, but not soon enough.

Summary: I put down my money, and I am happy with what I got.

Not that I think any of this helps streaming, but in case people ask:
ASRock Z390 Gaming MB, 17-9700k @3.6GHz, water cooled
32GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM
nvidia 2080 RTS Super

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Given that you knew the game was being released without VR, helicopters, gliders, fast jets and on DX11 I’m surprised you bought it given this really seems to bother you.

Im off shopping now, might buy mouldy bread on purpose just so i can take it back and complain later :+1:


It happened to me too if I was using wifi. Never so far on a hardware network connection, so that might be worth testing if you’re using wireless.