Banking Please Help

Hey guys, I really hope that someone here could help me, as this issue is driving me crazy and makes the sim 0 fun to play.
The issue I’m having is that whenever I enable autopilot on nav mode, the aircraft banks to the side.
Its always banking to the left, no matter the aircraft (see pictures)
It happens with or without joystick connected.
I have already reset all input, and uninstalled the flight sim, with all data deleted.

But the issue just wont go away and its driving my nuts.

So really hoping that someone here could recommend a fix or tell me its a MS Flight simulator


Are you X-box?
What are you using for a controller?

Hmm, this looks like the bug that was fixed in this latest patch / release. Can’t say I understand why you still have it though.

The top pic shows heading mode and flight director both active. It’s trying to follow a flight plan or turning to the heading bug.

The photos show you are in NAV mode and right of the desired track. It appears to be trying to intercept the path to LAGEN. What happens if you do not intervene?

No it just follows the track that exact way. It didnt try and intercept anything. Autopilot already was on track, just with a huge amount of bank the entire time.

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Not using xbox, PC version. Using the Hotas Warthog

Its on Nav mode, and FD shouldn’t make a difference. But I tried it again with HDG mode and Nav mode with FL on and off, unfortunately 0 difference :frowning:

If you turn OFF AP and try to hold wings level, does the heading remain constant or is it drifting to the right?

i have got the same problem! All the time i fly the 747. Please, go to read my topic here:

There’s also a video showing you the banking ussue. It keep the route, but the autopilot make the rudder full left. That is why i never fly the 747…

Ps: The video showing your problem start at min 1.17


Same Issue here, when you check the axis controlls for rudder etc. you might see that the sensitivity is not stable. there is an issue with that where many already wrote about that. the plane always shifts to the right or left. when you calibrate the joystick then it works but only until a new start of the sim…

try to change the sensitivity for your joystick in the control settings in the sim!. this maybe works then fine for you for all flights


No once I disconnect AP and fly myself, everything is back to normal.

I had the same issue with calibration, so I got FSUIPC7.
Much easier to calibrate and it keeps the settings.
That solved the right/left issue for me.

Ok I tried that. Redid the Calibration of the Joystick (ingame and via Microsoft calibration) but still no luck :frowning: Its really starting to frustrate me, as the Sim really is unenjoyable to play this way.
Also tried it with a different aircraft this time, just to make sure.

Maybe Ill try this a bit later today. Because slowly I’m running out of ideas.

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Hi everyone,

All the same with the first written story.

I am having exactly the same issue with A320neo (not tried any other plane yet.) It wasn’t like that before latest patch. It always have a bank angle after some altitude, increase with altitude and speed, when you slow down, less bank angle but slightly changes (never becomes zero).!

2020-12-30 12_29_49-Microsoft Flight Simulator -|690x389

Never catches the route, always flying with bank angle, so what I tried?:

  • Tried to make wind at that altitude zero: no change.
  • Tried to play without joysticks (x52 Pro) to see if it has any affect, no change.
  • Calibrate joystick, no change.
  • Problem is at AP, when disconnected and try to catch the route and fly straight, it works. But when AP is engaged, it flys with constant bank angle, but still enroute.

As I said, it started after the latest patch, it wasn’t like that before, makes game unplayable.


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I’ve got the same annoying issue with al planes that have AP.
This should have been fixed with the last update? I’ve also reinstalled everything, checked my joystick etc…

I had it before the last patch and now with the new patch it’s still there…

other things we (people with the same issue) can try?



ps. the A32NX mod has fixed the issue for the a320…

Yeah seems to be a common issue after the last patch. Which really makes me wonder why MSFS can’t test their patches before releasing them. Honestly the community is large enough and helpful…

Everyone having issues with odd bank angle during AP flight need to start by…

  • remove ALL added content from the community folder - TEST before moving on.
  • confirm no Assists turned on and AI is disabled.
  • check control sensitivity settings - confirm no changes or extreme settings from 0
  • review ALL control surface input mapping
  • run the Windows joystick calibration tool

Many users have encountered odd control settings and changes to setups after updates.
I ran a test last night on 172, Baron, Citation, A320, 747. Was unable to duplicate the reported behavior. Unlike CTD errors that can often be specific to interaction between individual systems and internal MSFS code, this type of problem, when encountered by a relatively small group, usually indicates a simple setting error in the options or control configuration or something conflicting between native code and mods.

Hallo! This is my first post!
I have all the same problems you described in this post. It happens only in autopilot mode with A320 neo, B747, Daher 930 (I didn’t have flown other planes at the moment) and me too notice the full deflection of the rudder (right on the Daher, left on the others).
Very frustrating…
I read somewhere before the flight you must initiate ADIRS systems to align MCDU and gyro (in real life it takes a lot of minutes…)
Actually in A329neo in the up-left of the overhead panel there are three switches ADIRS but they don’t work…
And where they are in the other planes?
Anyway if I choose the plane ready to takeoff on the runway why ADIRS aren’t ON by default?
All of us hope in Microsoft…