Baro knob action

YEs … correct – that’s how it works in the real World.

But in MSFS, hitting the B key will set all the Baros in every instrument, including the baro in the Transponder.

Its worse than even that. there is no simconnect function (yet) to set a baro to a given value … just functions to INC & DEC.
So in the Transponder code, to make it work right (which Asobo have not done), one has to put in a inc/dec logic routine, to automatically return the baro to STD, if it is not at STD (because the B button was pushed)

How do you know? Can you read out the pressure altitude from the transponder somewhere? I haven’t paid attention to this actually, that would be really funny :sweat_smile::joy:.

You can look at a Transponder that displays FL, and set the sim to some non STD pressure, hit B, and see the FL move .

Like the Transponder in the c172 Classic Steam Gauge version

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Allright, another facepalm moment :man_facepalming:t3:

Lots of those in MSFS

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Yes; and although the transition altitude is set differently in the A32NX MCDU (ex: 6000 ft) and the QNH will blink on the ND when you go beyond this value (requiring you to switch to STD at 6000 ft), MSFS2020 will still flag you a note to only change the altimeter setting above 18,000 ft. !!

yet another facepalm moment :man_facepalming:t3:… which is even more surprising, as MSFS was developed in Europe !! (-- but maybe copied Blindly from the USA )

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Copied blindly from FSX I assume… Its unfortunate they didn’t copy the good parts.

Copied from FSX … maybe a lot “Bindly” computer converted from FSX

Rubbish in = Rubbish out

Note: Online servers like Vatsim, do not get the Transponder FL, they get the plane’s actual altitude … its a Cheat … but makes it a lot easier for them :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a dedicated button on my Touch Portal screen for baro set. I use it all the time. It seems to set to the nearest airstrip. Resetting gives me an accurate AGL.

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The point is more that it isn’t realistic. The baro-set knob in MSFS apparently sets local QNH when pressed below 18000 ft and STD pressure above. In real life there is no such option to automatically set the local QNH. The baro-set knob should always switch between STD and manually set QNH whenever pressed.

Except that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Touch portal for the win :wink:

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The first retail version still had the jpg’s of the FSX achievement certificates, so yeah. I think the first major update cleaned those out.

Until there’s a mod for a radar altimeter in an X-Cub, it’ll have to do.

I tire of ripping the wings off my X-Cub, so I linked the overspeed warning to the throttle cut.

Also not adding to the realism, why would you need a RA on a Cub?

Why not? It’s my plane and I have the money.

Sure but its not very useful, and the equipment probably weigh the same as the whole Cub :upside_down_face:. But seriously, what is the benefit of having a RA in VFR operations? Flying is done using barometric altitude, elevation of obstacles, terrain, airspaces, everything is referenced to Mean Sea Level (MSL) so like in real life, make sure you have the local QNH set…