Basic Auto Pilot to use with all aircraft that don't have their own


Is there anyway to add a basic autopilot to none autopiloted eg new JU52 or the Zlin Savage Cub or Robin Cap10, any plane that doesn’t have its own. altitude hold and heading hold.
In FSX and P3D use to add the Autopilot lines from the Cessna 172 to any aircrafts CFG file.
I don’t Care if they don’t have one in the real world but when flying the kids might wont to do something the wife might need help with something, it would be great help to have a autopilot just hold heading and altitude.

had times when I thought I had trimmed level and flying right stepped away came back 5 mins later and I’m upside down on the ground. would like to stop that.

Then it’s a personal choice if you use it or not, if you are hard core don’t turn it on, if like me more casual we can have it on to use as we like.



Sounds like a bloody good idea to me, I would like thisnfunction added please


In an aircraft’s folder you’ll find a file called system.cfg. Open that with a text editor and near the bottom is “autopilot_available”. Set that to 1. Then you can assign autopilot commands to buttons to operate it.


is this on the ones brought through market place and default ?

I’ve enabled it for all the default aircraft that don’t have an autopilot. My separately purchased aircraft already have it so I haven’t checked those but I assume it’s the same. Some of the aircraft, like the VL3, give you autopilot functions right on the glass GPS unit which makes it really easy. Others like the Cessna 152 you need to map buttons.

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I know that AP can be changed or modded for individual aircraft. The AP lines are in the system.cfg file for each aircraft although some aircraft don’t have a system.cfg file. The Robin Cap10 does have an autopilot section in its system.cfg. Until someone comes up with a universal autopilot add-on, doing each aircraft individually might be the only way.

Yes, you can add the PM50 GTN750 as a 2D Floating Gauge, evoked from the Top menu.
FREE & works on almost any plane

You can also update it to the Premium Version (Payware) and have even more cool features.

have you found these files in aircraft like the husky or junkers ?

I did not know the gtn750 has AP. I thought it is just a gps unit without AP controls. How exactly do you operate the AP in it?

I have been trying it just now and I can not figure out where any autopilot controls are in it. Interested to know also

Sorry – my error …
I have got so use to, in non GPS / AP planes, adding a GPS, and then using my Stream Deck to provide the AP controls switches and display.
Also , very often one has to mod one of the .cfg files to provide the Autopilot = 1


AP on. ALT Armed to 2000ft, descending at VS -300 from 2588 ft

You may also be able to use other solutions, such as “Air Manager” etc etc


Doesn’t work for Xbox version.
Manually patching files is NEVER a good solution.

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Correct – So many things do not work the same on the X-Box version of MSFS, as they do on the PC version.

For PC users that can – You do not have to manually PATCH/edit the original file, you can also make an additional MOD file – but sometimes, while not a GOOD solution, “Manually patching files” is the ONLY solution.

It all really depends on what you want, and therefore what you decide to get and do.

Simple, Fixed, somewhat limited, X-Box, or more flexible, more complex, (more expensive) PC solution.

They are Different, and ALWAYS WILL BE.

You just have to decide what is right for you now, and what is right for you going into the future, assuming Flight Simulation is right for you in the 1st place .

Manually patching files always result as unstability, soon or later…
Like installing files manually, instead of using an installer.
So, not surprising if CTD happen.

I worked 35 years in the IT field, and believe me, these artisanal methods have nothing to do with professional or industrial processes. I have also used all versions of FS from the beginning (Sublogic) on PC, and whenever there were problems it came from “on the fly” modifications. At least in the Xbox version, the system being closed, we can expect a more stable product.

@MetalVoice62520 there is no need to warn PC users about modding aircraft configs… there’s a lot of support on this forum, for questions and new ideas. Bad experience is often reported in the same topic. Also keep in mind that people who mod configs do that more often. Mods in aircraft config (also official ones) are “sandboxed” user data, they won’t affect the MSFS kernel. When anything is typed wrong, the aircraft will be invisible in the choice screen, because MSFS won’t load/accept it.

Standard advice: 1) backup the old cfg’s and 2) note down your changes in a separate textfile.

With every WU or SU, files that got changed are updated by the official version. When a file is not compatible it is updated anyway and your changes will be gone, you’ll have to check things !

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Can’t you just give control to the copilot? That used to work if I recall correctly.

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OK, I believe you believe, but I don’t believe you.

My choice, and my experience, so I will continue to do what I believe, and what works for me.

And hows that working out ? :shushing_face:

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Exactly — Good points

I usually copy the official folder and add it to the community folder and then edit the files needed and get rid of everything else. This way changes don’t affect stock.

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