Beautiful short VFR flight suggestion

Here is a nice VFR flight you can do:

  • Take off from Tablada (LETA) and depart towards the north
  • At this point you can take the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Seville (it’s photogrammetric)
  • Once done, fly towards the train station (it’s really big so you’ll see it easily) and follow the tracks towards the northeast, eventually they’ll turn east, you can just keep following. The rail tracks go next to a road
  • Some really nice scenery along the way with beautiful lakes and lots of small towns
  • After some time you’ll arrive in Cordoba (also photogrammetric)
  • Fly around Cordoba and do some sightseeing (try to see the Roman Bridge and the Mezquita - mosque converted to Cathedral)
  • Land at LEBA airport (MSFS has it marked as closed, but it is on navigation)

Feel free to share any other scenic short VFR flights!