Beechcraft Baron G1000 ALT knob missing ?!

Was trying out the baron and noticed the G1000 ALT knob is white / missing.
Does everyone has that same issue or did i just got an un-airowthy airplane LOL

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I have the same issue, please send in a Zendesk support ticket. The more people who send them in the quicker the problem will be resolved. Cheers!

I thought I was going crazy, I was searching all over for the altitude selection knob last night. I’m gonna submit a ticket as well. Hope you don’t mind if I use your pic as an attachment to save me some time. : )

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Sure !

It surprised me how many issues are there. But the sim is still awesome. Just need a bit more work

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And of course no HOBBS meter either. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Same issue on my end

Yes, it’s missing.

Anyway set respected controls (I did to my yoke) to this 2 required options inside controls definition and you can fly without problems. In this case of aircarfts (if is not implemented in real life) is separate control AP panel required, like in TBM or SR22.