Beechcraft Baron G58 Update?

On the Beechcraft website Baron G58 (, the avionics has been upgraded. Is Asobo going to be updating the Baron G58 in Flight Simulator 2020?

Nope, won’t happen most likely when you mean “Baron specific”.

The Baron G1000 in sim represents one specific aircraft of one specific year. Same with other aircraft. If you want to represent every small change manufacturers do it would be an endless task.

Even on cars you got small changes on each year of production :wink:

On the G1000 however will be an update in general: the G1000NXi is in development by Working Titel and you can opt in to it on the market place for free. In future all these changes will be merged with the default G1000 - this means updated avionics on all aircraft equipped with it.


I see no necessity to update the existing Baron. It’s already a pretty modern implementation in its current form. The only real difference here is the adding of a GMC 707 autopilot instead of the AP being built into the G1000, and the new GI 275 backup instrument. Neither really changes anything from the existing Baron in any substantial way.

Perhaps once they eventually unlock the .fsarchive DLC planes, someone can mod the existing Baron to this more modern look. Although I suspect it’ll likely be the opposite and someone will mod it to older steam gauge versions vs making it more modern.

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