Beechcraft model 18 AP issue

Hello everyone

I am having issue with the AP of the beechcraft, I am flying ok to a x destination but when I change the hdg the aircraft is not turning.

I’m an Xbox user.

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Maybe this helps

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I’m currently flying on my PC and away from my Xbox, and I’m having no luck with the AP and heading navigation regardless of Heading Hold, VOR, GPS settings. I’ve tried all the various selections on the selector knob on the right and have tried cycling the HDG and ROLL modes on the AP control itself with no luck.

I am only able to use Pitch and Altitude Hold successfully.

Have you turned on the AP Master switch? (“ROLL”)?

For just basic heading hold, you just rotate the heading knob on the right shown on the screengrab above, directly above the AP panel VS pitch toggle and activate HDG on the panel.

Yeah, I’m wondering if I need a reinstallation of this aircraft.

I cannot get this AP to control a heading whatsoever.

I have no idea how the author of the linked YouTube video got any of that to work, because in my case none of that occurs other than pitch and Alt hold.

EDIT: What makes no further sense is he is changing modes between GPS, HDG and then VOR NAV all while the HDG switch on the autopilot control is switched OFF and yet his aircraft is responding as though it were ON.

You can see this at ~16:33.

EDIT 2: This thing is totally wack. I move the landing light switch from Extend to Off and it shuts off the autopilot.

Thank you all guys, it seems that It gets messed up when you have the landing lights on, if you turn them off the issue is solved.

Yes, absolutely, the landing lights interfere with the autopilot. With landing lights off, A/P will follow a GPS course. Turn the landing lights on, and change to follow HDG (using both the A/P and course select switches), the A/P will not follow HDG. Turn the landing lights off, and it will then follow HDG course.

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Hey all, I made a quick tutorial on how I use the AP with the current landing light bug. Please check it out if you are having difficulties using it. RNAV approach as well.

Carenado Beechcraft 18 | MSFS | Autopilot Tutorial | RNAV KSBA | Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

does this still have the AP bug?

No, it was fixed in the last update.

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great thanks

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Just downloaded this plane a few days ago. I know the AP issue was reported as fixed but it is completely wonky for me. Only occasionally works in HDG mode, ALT and HDG and Roll works, Pitch does not. Also NAV mode never works. Yes, I am in GPS mode, not VLOC and HDG is off. Sometimes, even heading works while switched to NAV mode, but NAV mode never slaves to the GPS.

Fixe!. I should have deleted and reinstalled before I made this post.