Beechcraft Model 18 - Buttons can't get controlled via assigned buttons

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Landing and Nav lights can’t be controlled through assignes landing and nav light buttons, only the beacon and cabin light buttons work.

Suggestion: Map the landing light switch (Retracted - off - on) so that if you press the landing light button it gets either retracted or on.
For the nav light switch (Constant - off - pulseing) i would map them so that if you press the nav light button you switch from constant to off and if you press the strobe light button you can switch between pulsing and off.

Adding to this: Feathering doesnt work either, “Toggle Feather Switch 1-4” does nothing, only Reverse Thrust toggles feathering, but since it is for all engine you are automaticly feathering both engines. The Logitech Flight Pro Throttle functions are therefore useless.

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Load into Beech 18 and switch on batteries, try with your button mapped to landing or navlights to switch the light in the Twin Beech on.

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Since the Twin Beech came out

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