Beechcraft Model 18 - Virtual cockpit autopilot buttons don't work when landing lights are on

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Activating ROLL mode on the AP doesn’t seem to work properly using the autopilot panel in VC, especially after Cold&Dark start. The keyboard binding or other bindings work fine as well as mode selection after proper activation of ROLL mode.
Same goes to HDG/NAV mode buttons.
All buttons are animated on toggling the functions using bindings, however all buttons but ALT and PITCH are INOP

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  • Load the aircraft in cold&dark condition, start it up and take off
  • Activate ROLL mode on AP panel, the aircraft should level out but likely it doesn’t
  • try the other modes, they also won’t toggle
  • try the keybinding for AP toggle - the aircraft will likely level out
  • try bindings for the other modes - these work too

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Cause identified:

Whenever the landing lights are extended the autopilots buttons don’t work - something is interfering between AP and the landing lights.

If the lights are off and retracted the APs buttons work as expected.

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Hi @Delta2k5,

I’ve edited the title to reflect the cause of the problem.

I’ve figured out the same a few days back but didn’t come to make a bug report yet due to work. Very weird issue this!

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Hi, thank you but it’s actually not the issue that the autopilot does not work :wink:

The autopilot system itself works fine if one uses bindings - likely people with an autopilot panel won’t notice anything. It’s just the virtual buttons being affected if the landing lights are on :slight_smile:

Edit: now the title should be spot on :wink:

Yeah i figured this out the same flight. I’ve got a bravo and started messing with those buttons when i became frustrated with the AP :laughing:. Suddenly noticed i could operate everything without pushing or rotating anything in the VC

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Hi all, I made a quick tutorial on how I work around this bug and use the AP. RNAV approach as well.

Carenado Beechcraft 18 | MSFS | Autopilot Tutorial | RNAV KSBA | Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube